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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Christianity Summarized

1. Jesus is a corrupted version of Iswar, Christ is a corrupted version of Krishna, Mary is that of Maari Amman, and Bible is a corrupted version of Srimad Bhagawatham.

2. The Bible is not able to explain clearly the life of Jesus during his youth. So probably at that time he was seeking spirituality in the Himalayas (under Mahavatar Babaji)

3. Vatican was previously known as Dharma Vaaticaa, a Hindu-sacred place

4. St.Paul who is supposed to have introduced Christianity to Europe, never met Jesus Christ.

5. That He (Jesus Christ) went to heaven after crucification means, probably he did not die after crucification, but after that, he travelled all the way to Kashmir (heaven at that point of time on Earth), and attained Samadhi (a state of celestial bliss) in Srinagar. Till todate, his tomb is still there in Oldtown, Kashmir.

Its a stupid article da. Dont call urself a true devotee of Babaji. One of his endeavours was to establish the underlying unity of both hinduism and christianity.

Hi Explorer (BTW I wanna know what u r exploring)

I felt that there is no need for christianity, if we slowly start analyzing each n every aspect of christianity, and remove every-thing that is essentially non-christian (i.e. Hindu/Pagan), then I don't think there will be anything left-over except for a few statements which has similarities with Islam like "Murder all non-christians, rape the non-christian women".

I am also exploring the book "Breaking the Da Vinci Code", once I am done with it will expose more truths

Anandkumar V
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