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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Cry My Beloved India

The only country that hasn't known slavery,

Has not conquered any other country in its 10,000 years of history,

The richest country on earth; till the Britishers looted in the early 17th century,

Robert Clive's wealth grew by 401,102 pounds in 1750 from the plunder of Bengal,

The amount British plundered had reached 1 billion pounds by 1901, (i.e.) $1 Trillions in today's terms,

Invented the number system; Zero was invented by Aryabhatta; place value system and decimal value systems were developed around 100 BC,

Aryabhatta was the first to explain the spherical shape, diameter, size, rotation, and correct speed of the earth long before Greeks,

Takshila was the world's first university, estd: 700 BC,

Sanskrit is the mother of all languages of the world, the most suitable language for computer software – Forbes Magazine,

Ayurveda is the earliest known medicine systems to man,

Navigation emerged in the Sindh around 6000 years ago, the word Navigation, Navy, etc., all come from the sanskrit word Navagatih,

The word Nile (Egypt's river of fame) comes from the sanskrit word Neel meaning blue.

Bhaskaracharya II defined the gravity of earth 400 years before Isaac Newton, gave clear definitions of Differential calculus, and Theory of Continued Fraction, Infinity, etc..

Madhavacharya discovered the Taylor series of Sine and Cosine, 250 years before Taylor, Gregory Leibnitz series for Inverse Tangent 280 years before Gregory, Leibnitz power series for pi 300 years before Leibnitz,

Govindaswamin discovered Newton Gauss Interpolation formula atleast 1800 years before Newton,

Venkateswaracharya discovered Newton Gauss Backward Interpolation formula atleast 1000 years before Newton,

Positive number series and negative number series discovered by BrahmaGupta,

Aryabhatta also profounded the Heliocentric theory of gravitation, thus predating Nicholas Copernicus by atleast 1000 years,

The Surya Siddantha (a book on astronomy) written in ~1000 BC describes diameter of earth, distance between Earth & moon etc.

Value of "PI" was first calculated by Boudhayana long before Pythagores. To his (Boudhayana's) credit goes the Pythagorean theorem.

The largest number Greeks & Romans used were only 106, whereas Vedic people used as large as 10^53 as early as 3000 BC.

Similarities with Greek history:
Hercules fighting Lernaean Hydra, Krishna (or HareKrshna) fighting Serpant Kaliya,

Dionysos holding a trident, encircled with a snake, leopord by his side, and moon in background, his abode Mount Olympus.Lord Shiva holding a trident, on a leopord skin, with snake around neck, and moon, in his abode Mount Kailash.

Similarities with Others:Ancient Babylonian speaks of a pre-flood series of ten kings,Ancient Egyptians speaks of Ten Shining Ones who ruled consecutively before the deluge (pralaya, huge flood)The Vedas tell about a series of Ten Pitris who ruled before the global flood

In Ancient Babylon the hero who survived the global flood was Zisudra, who spear-headed the survival on the Ark (of Noah) of seven other humans,In Ancient Egyptian, the hero was Toth who survived the flood with 7 sages,The Vedas tell the hero was Manu who survived with the seven sages (Atri, Bhrigu, Kutsa, Vasishta, Gouthama, Kashyapa, and Aangiras)

Did the Vedic Aryans travel as far as Easter Islands?? – The Easter Islands are situated in Pacific Ocean, far from any civilization. The script signs in this Island corresponds exactly to Vedic Saraswathi symbols. Were Vedic Aryans trans-oceanic sea-farers??

What people say:

After the Chinese, the South Indians are the smartest people in the world – Bill Gates, CEO & Founder Microsoft Corporation

Acces to Vedas is the greatest privilege this century can claim over all other centuries – J.R.Oppenheimer, Father of Atomic Bomb, USA.

We have to bend our knees to the philosophies of East, especially of India which is getting popular in Europe, and is also putting to shame the blind narrowed philosophy of Europe –
Victor Cousin, French Philosopher 1792-1867

India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send even a single soldier – Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA (1891-1962)

It is already becoming clear that a chapter which has a Western beginning should have an Indian ending, if not, it is a self-destruction for the Human race – A.J.Toynbee British Historian

When I read Bhagawad-Gita and how God created the universe in it, everything else seems to be superfluous – Albert Einstein

If there is one country on earth that can justify its claim of being the cradle of Human Race, its India – Encyclopedia Britannica

The BJP Government has fallen – You are rejoicing Oh Christians – The first Christian Community Syrian christians was established in Kerala.
The BJP Government has fallen – You are rejoicing Oh Muslims – The Arab merchants who first came to India were allowed to practice religion as they liked and trade as they liked long before the Moghul Invasions of the 7th century
The BJP Government has fallen – You are rejoicing Oh Marxists – Do you know that Marxism is dead all over the world, and even China is implementing Capitalist policies
The BJP Government has fallen – You are rejoicing Oh Members of Dravidian Movement – You think reading the latest New York Times BestSellers, speaking polished English, and putting down your own countrymen, specially those with a Hindu connection is what makes you intellectual. But in the process you are losing your own roots in a civilization that has for 10s of 1000s of years been giving so much to the world.
Cry My Beloved India, look at what thy children have done to you – Francois Gautier, French Journalist (1950-)

Wow those are great facts about India!! Very interesting and many of them I had no idea. One of my good friends is from a town around Bangalore and his parents still live there. We keep talking about taking a trip there and I can not wait. Have a great day!
Hey Great facts about India.....
if I am allowed to add,

The Darwinian theory has been said in the form of avatarams in Upanishads during vedic period a long time before Darwin formulated it...

BTW, I read your comment for me in Rain's blog. I did not know what point you were trying to drive...

Having morpheus as my name doesnt necessairly make me a christian...
Great facts indeed. No doubt history is written by winners and so most of them have not come to light. But here is my point. If I look at major achievements of human race in past 10,000 years this list would be small but singificat part. In other words your article is doing what western intellectual have done for past few centuries. That is "mutual disrespect and self-glorification". These achievments don't make India less or more important than any other country on this planet. The concept of nation according to me is so last century. We should be visualizing the next level in human civilization where your identity is not tied to a country or religion but to the entire human race. Just to make things clear I am an Indian myself.
Dear Morpheus,

Thnx for the update regarding Darwinian theory. And yes, I did think u r a christian.

Dear Dancing Shiva,

1. I hope I m not doing any self-glorification, I m only trying to bring to light that all ancient civilizations (incl. Pre-Christian Europe & Pre-Islamic Arabia) had a Vedic-Hindu connection, and that too with Historic & Scientific proof.

2. I m not exactly getting ur views on Nation/last century, etc. Kindly elaborate on it.

3. If u r a (South) Indian, and if u have time, kindly take time to visit David Frawley's link, and learn a simple history and truth about Saint Thomas (and) Mylapore.

Anandkumar V
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