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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


KAUN BANEGA VIJAY_PATHI – The Ultimate Captain Trivia

Folks, I hope u will n'joy the quiz, and I hope its totally different n hilarious too...........

Please take a paper n pencil b4 u start the quiz

1. In Which film Captain caught Veerappan?
A. Captain Divakaran
B. Captain Sudhakaran
C. Captain Dinakaran
D. Captain Prabhakaran

2. In Which film was Captain officially inducted in the Indian Navy?
A. Pulan Visaranai
B. Ulavuthurai
C. Rajjiyam
D. Thennavan

3. In Which film did Captain attend the graduation ceremony of his brother with a tin of murukkus?
A. Boomiya Pola
B. Nilava Pola
C. Vaanatha Pola
D. Thanniya Pola

4. In Which film will a high court judge say that Captain is better than him in giving judgements?
A. Periya Kownder
B. Chinna Kownder
C. Nalla Kownder
D. Vella Kownder

5. In Which film will our Captain be a night watchman as well as a singer?
A. Moothevi Kaathirundhaal
B. Sridevi Kaathirundhaal
C. Devi Kaathirundhaal
D. Vaidhegi kaathirundhaal

6. In Which film will our Captain say that he has "Soothing (Shooting) order" to Prakash Raj?
A. Nara Simma
B. Naraikaatha Simma
C. Vanchinathan
D. Vallarasu

7. Which is Captain's best dance movement till date?
A. Punnagaiyil Minsaram, Bharathan
B. Amul Baby, Vanchinathan
C. Panchangam Pakkathey Mama, Thavasi
D. Katturen Katturen, Honest Raj

8. In Which film will Captain wear a suit, tie and a Bermuda shorts? (Clue – its for a song)
A. Thiru Murthi
B. Amman Koil Kizhakkaley
C. Uzhavan Magan
D. Sathya Murthi

9. In Which film will Captin mock a MSc. student saying "you have studied only 17th?"
A. Rajjiyam
B. Naane Raja Naane Manthiri
C. Coolikaran
D. Nallavan

1. D
2. B
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. A, C!
8. A – Masthu Masthu Thiru Murthi
9. B

0-2 You have wasted your life by missing one of the finest actors in Damil cinema
3-5 Since your knowledge about Captain is minimal, you must rent all his DVDs soon
6-8 You are a good Captain fan. Have his photo nailed in your pooja room
9 - Immediately call Captain's political party to get a seat

Thursday, September 22, 2005


More Evidence of Bhaagawatha Purana in BIBLE

How many Manus were there listed in Hindu books?
At least 14 I believe.

They existed between ABRAHM's time to DAVID's time...in 14 generations or so.
check it out.
Manu the lawgiver had given the code of life to humanity. Laws codified by Manu give details of judicial administration, social norms, religious rules and political stragegies. In Manu's code, the cow had been held sacred and hence its killing had been made a crime- Manu's code or Dharma Sastra emphasises the purificatory and propitiatory aspects of Mantras to clear one's hearts. Manu's code defines all the laws- how a couple should behave, how to respect elders, how to follow festivals, the duties of a wife, a husband, a son, etc. The code also defined the laws how to pay one regards and perform religious rites to the departed relatives. The code mentions about crimes and punishments"

"I also find some correlations between what has been said in NT of Bible and 14 Manus (That reigned) now. Actually 14 MANUs may represent 14 generations only of kings who ruled or lived from one great personality to another.
MAtthew 1: 17~" So all the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations, from David until the captivity in Babylon are 14 generations and from the capitivity in babylon until Christ are 14 generations"
It may be that when Bhaghavatum said 14 Manus existed, actually refers to 14 such generations between each personality's time! Each personality may be avatars, as there were more than 10 avatars mentioned in Bhaghavatum.

why manus came into existence only from the time of ABRAHM mostly? Things were getting screwed up when ABRAHM aka BRAHMA rishi at that time sinned w HAGAR. That is for one thing.
Also it was not necessary to have MANUSMIRITIs at the time of LORD RAMA OR LORD KRSNA, as THEY BOTH along w other AVATARS earlier formed the consortium of LAW givers in all Hindu Kingdoms then before the time of ABRAHM! LOL:)
That is true, TORABORA conferences between "future muslims" and future jews before TERAH's settlement in UR CITY was all about consolidating the messages found in RAMAYAN and MAHABHARAT as HADITHs and HADEETHS only!BUT that was not enough to teach moral laws or codes of behaviors to people esp during the time of "infertility" and how people tried to have offspring etc before ABRAHM was 100yrs old. YUP. That was the time KAMASUTRA was composed and temple architecture was used to teach sex ed.w SHIVALINGHA as "EVOLUTIONARY CREATIONS" began...2,950BCE.
Manus were Hindu lawyers, who also spoke Hebrew, arabic and other languages that came out of Root languages then. That is how they all got notes that may sound similar coming from mesopotemian HIndus.
anyone has any comments on this? Please post them here. Thanks.


More Evidence of Vedic Culture's GLOBAL EXISTENCE

hindus only. Just like roman people. Xerxes was a great king who ruled India. Arthasastra perhaps was composed during his time in INDUS region or Northwestern India.
Greek people were offprings of ROMANS actually, who like BRIGHU formulated their language after LATIN ROOT language. Hebrew was known as HIbru dilect and has nothing to do w LATIN or GREEK lagnuage, but had lot to do w Persian for Phonetics and for scripting from Indic languages that were borrowed in style or artful or visual display of square letters.

I also read about "RISHI AUGUSTYA" who formulated GREEK language after LATIN speaking or romans left that region back in 2,950BCE to settle down w a country that they formed after the naem of LORD RAMA aka ROMULUS in LATIN. "ROMULU" is LORD RAMA in TELUGU language. Telugu was known as Italian of the EAST then.
This was another reason that greeks shared a lot of paganistic Deities w LATIN speaking romans at one time, not because they were settled next to one another's space in map.
LIKE JEWS worshipped BAAL and EL aka GOLDEN CALF or NANDHI along w "SIN" GOD aka "LORD SIVAN" or LORD SHIVA by elamite TAMILS and Srilankans near BACTERIA Region and also in Upper EGYPT, the greeks worshipped GODs that they picked up from Romans and from RAMSEY's left over HIndu religious regions of Upper Egypt only.
In GITA, we often find references like "O, PARTHA!" or "O, Scythian", etc.They were all hindu folks only. THey worshipped LORD KRSNA and were perhaps known as Shemites in Hebrew lang or in greek.
I don't think "Xerxes" ever lived in GREECE, the current day modern GREECE at any time.
HERMES for sure was in Upanishadic studies w many hindu Rishis or Gurus during his time. Hermitism was one of his works. Which we call as Sanyasa.He probably was a follower of SHAIVISM, as this following note indicated."Originally Hermes was a phallic god, being attached to fertility and good fortune, and also a patron of roads and boundaries"

Asceticism was also twisted by Hermes' followers after his death around 415BCE. The followers of Hermistism also went to upper Egypt region in search of other hindu scriptures. THey might have stayed back there, up until Romans came back from west to track them down in Upper Egypt region~From MOROCCO to west side of NILE River. There were some pharaohs from Greek Kingdoms who slaved Hindus and other persians at that time since Bible times.
That is the reason, you don't finds the name of "XERXES" in bible at any place in anyone verse!!! OR Hermes name was NOT even found in OT as well.XERXES spoke Sanskrit mostly, whereas Hermes was a pure Greek language spoken "YOGI" seeking WISDOM from HINDU RISHIS. But due to language problems he had w INDIC and Sanskrit language, he misunderstood RENOUNCIATION and said totally opposite of what was given in GITA or in Other holy hindu scriptures. Just like ABRAHM deviated, he also did.
HERMES was there during the Upanshadic discussion times only. He died back in 415BCE.


More Evidence of JESUS CHRIST in INDIA

Did Jesus Christ come to India and die in Kashmir? No way, most would say. But a ‘yes’ is now being heard from a not so insignificant section. On Wednesday afternoon, the answer in the affirmative resonated through NT-1 where archaeologist Soumitra Chatterjee and novelist Aparna Sen discussed Jesus’s life in India, for a documentary film.
Subhrajit Mitra’s The Unknown Story of the Messiah lives off the popular alternative theory that Jesus had travelled to India after crucifixion, along with Mother Mary, studied Hinduism and Buddhism, and died in Kashmir where he was entombed.
The plan is to make a “docu-feature” of around 100 minutes in the fiction format — “to avoid boredom” — and recreating this intriguing chapter through conversations between Soumitra and Aparna. “I knew the theory that Jesus had survived crucifixion and come to India and it’s very interesting. Though it is just a theory and not the gospel truth, this documentary may lead to the truth and I want to know the truth,” says Aparna, a novelist researching Jesus.
“It’s a popular theory and has been around for a long time. I had heard about it but didn’t know the details that are there in the script (by Subhrajit). It is somewhat controversial but there are several stories surrounding this theory. This documentary is a depiction of all these myths,” says Soumitra, an archaeologist and an authority on the topic.
An empanelled scriptwriter-director for National Geographic and Discovery Channel, Subhrajit has been largely influenced by German scholar Holgar Kersten’s best-sellers, Jesus Lived in India and The Jesus Conspiracy. Kersten dwells on Jesus’s life beyond Central Asia. The India angle is currently gaining ground among experts, though Russian scholar Nicolas Notovich was the first to suggest this, in his book The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ.
“My docu-feature is an assimilation of all these myths and stories,” says Subhrajit, aware that his work will kick up a controversy. “There is so much supporting evidence in favour of this theory in the Hindu and Buddhist scriptures and the courtroom records of Indian kings. There are references in the Quran too. But no scientific work has been done on this as yet… .”
Subhrajit, who moved to documentary film-making after working as a production assistant to Shyam Benegal, has sourced references from the Bhavishya Mahapurana, which records an encounter between King Shalivahana and Jesus near Srinagar, long after crucifixion. This would be enacted by Kushal Chakraborty and Paran Bandyopadhyay.
Faculty members of Islamic Studies and Sanskrit literature of Calcutta University, and of the pharmacology department, Jadavpur University, an ex-director of Buddhist Studies, Benares Hindu University, a Maharaj from Ramakrishna Mission and a forensic expert will provide glimpses of the theory.
The crew has already shot footage in Kashmir, Kerala, Ladakh, Varanasi and Puri (“where Jesus supposedly studied Hinduism for six years”). “We will prepare the film and submit it to National Geographic or Discovery Channel,” says Subhrajit. Indranil Mukherjee is behind the camera, while Arghyakamal Mitra supervises the editing.


Christian Confidence Decreasing in FRANCE

The traditional image of the British missionary simmering in a cannibal's cooking pot or trekking through the African bush can finally be laid to rest.New figures show that the modern missionary is eschewing countries such as Nigeria, Papua New Guinea or India in favour of that unlikely heart of darkness: France. The latest edition of Religious Trends, a compilation of Christian statistics published last week, shows that France overtook Kenya last year as the leading destination for British mission agencies.In further evidence that Europe is increasingly seen as more spiritually needy than Africa or Asia, in third place is another country with strong Roman Catholic roots, Spain.The situation has shifted markedly since 1991 when France languished behind Zimbabwe, Kenya, and South Africa and Spain was eighth in the list, the report by the Christian Research organisation shows. Despite its cathedrals, clergy and plethora of saints, France is now considered one of the world's most secular countries, partly because of its clear separation of Church and state.Its geographical proximity and relative lack of Bible-based Protestant churches has made it increasingly alluring territory for British evangelicals. Moreover, large parts of the Third World are now so teeming with Christians that they are no longer seen as obvious destinations - and they are even exporting their own missionaries to the West."There has been a crisis of confidence in Christianity across Europe," said Martin Thompson of the Church Mission Society. "We are beginning to see Europe as a strategic priority." According to France Mission, there are more mediums and occult practitioners in France than there are registered doctors, and practising Muslims outnumber practising evangelical Christians by 12 to one.

Monday, September 19, 2005



List of eminent gentlemen/personalities, who in pursuit of true spiritual quest have regarded the teachings of Vedas as the most supreme. My hats off to all of them.

1. David Frawley (Estd. American Institute of Vedic Studies)
2. Stephen Knapp
3. Graham Hancock (British archaeologist/historian)
4. Jesudoss (Malayalam/Tamil singer)
5. Lawrence Raghavendra (Tamil Actor)
6. Francois Gautier (French Journalist)
7. Jean-Sylvain Bailly (French Astronomer)
8. Adam Smith (Author of Wealth of Nations)
9. H.G.Wells (Author of War of the Worlds)
10. Guy Sorman (Author of Genius of India)
11. John A Wheeler (Discovered Black Hole)
12. Rudyard Kipling
13. Aldous Huxley (British Novelist)
14. Lin Yutang (Chinese Writer)
15. George Harrison (Beatles)
16. Ken Wibler (American Philosopher)
17. Mark Twain (American Author)
18. Henry D Thoreau (American Philosopher 1817-1862)
19. Arthur Schopenhauer (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)
20. Ralph W Emerson (European Philosopher, 1803-1882)
21. Sir William Jones (Jurist, 1746-1794)
22. Will Durant (American Historian, 1885-1981).......



List of Prominent personalities who have converted from Hinduism to Christianity after coming to power/fame. Something like abandoning aged-parents in search of a new found lust.

1) Rajasekhara Reddy Chief Minister – A.P
2) M.M. Rajendran - Orissa Governor
3) Ajit Jogi Politician – Congress
4) T.R. Balu Politician – Tamil Nadu
5) Tarun Tejpal Journalist (Tehelka)
6) Prannov Roy Sr. Journalist - NDTV
7) Rakesh Roshan Film actor/director
8) Hrithik Roshan Film actor
9) Arundhati Roy ‘Social (Sex??)’ Worker
10) Medha Patkar ‘Social (Sex??)’ Worker
11) Teesta Setalvad ‘Social’ Worker
12) Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis player
13) Vijay Amritraj Tennis player
14) Jaipal Reddy Politician (Congress)
15) Harish Salve Politician
16) Brinda Karat Politician (Marxist)
17) D. Raja Politician (Marxist)
18) A.B. Bardan Politician (Marxist)
19) Jagadish Tylter Politician (Congress)
20) Rajkumari Amrithkaur Politician
21) Gitanjali Iyengar M.P Christian council
22) Vikram Tamil actor
23) Vijay Tamil actor
24) Gopika Tamil actress
25) Nayanthara Tamil actress
26) Vaiko Politician (MDMK)
27) Nagesh Tamil actor
28) Manorama Tamil actress
29) Bharatiraja Film producer/director
30) Raju Nair Cartoonist – Deepika newspaper
31) Kamal Director – Malayalam film
32) Lal Malayalam director (Now actor also)
33) Baburaj Malayalam film actor
34) Bhadran Malayalam film director
35) Shyam Tamil actor
36) Parthiban Tamil actor
37) Satvarai Tamil actor
38) Dilip Sardesai Indian cricket player
39) Vijay Hazare Indian cricket player
40) A.V. M. Rajan Tamil actor
41) Jayasudha Tamil actress
42) Rajdeep Sardesai & Ajay Kallam Reddy
Former executive officer of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams
43) Sagar Telugu film producer


Two Interesting Articles

1. Islam's relationship with Pagan – http://news.hinduworld.com/click_frameset.php?ref_url=%2Findex.php%3F&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.organiser.org%2Fdynamic%2Fmodules.php%3Fname%3DContent%26pa%3Dshowpage%26pid%3D96%26page%3D11

2. How the Left wins elections in Bengal – http://news.hinduworld.com/click_frameset.php?ref_url=%2Findex.php%3F&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.organiser.org%2Fdynamic%2Fmodules.php%3Fname%3DContent%26pa%3Dshowpage%26pid%3D96%26page%3D22

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Revival of Pagan in Europe

CHRISTOPHER GERARD – RESURRECTING HIS GODS Another Pagan revivalist draws inspiration from Hinduism and India in his quest to resurrect and reclaim his ancestral heritage Christopher Gérard, now 42, is a Flemish classical philologist and studied ancient languages, including Sanskrit. He has been trained through three academic specializations: literature, philosophy and linguistics into which he immersed himself at the l'Université Libre de Bruxelles, a non-Catholic "positivistic" university. He has published in French a highly acclaimed translation of “Against the Galileans” written by Emperor Julien, the last Pagan emperor of Rome. Today Gérard teaches languages as a professional career, which he separates from the philosophical itinerary that brought him to found the Society for the Study of Polytheism. He says that The Society is his personal unfoldment which he is sharing with others who have made the same choice. “One can convert to the major, organized religions or to a school of ethics, but one cannot convert to Paganism. One simply belongs to it."

In an interview with Hughes Henry in the Hinduism Today (July 1999) Christopher Gérard shares that he belonged as a “precocious” child in a Belgian family that had outgrown Christianity three generations ago. He recalls his fascination at the tender age of ten with a book on Greek Mythology – a gift from his father. Starting to acquire knowledge of Greek and Latin two years later, he was ready to explore and experience Pagan Europe first hand when he was all of fourteen. He says that he uncovered his Pagan past with his bare hands, when he joined an archeological team in southern Belgium to excavate a 4th-century Gallo-Roman temple.

"When I dug into this temple,” he recounts to Hughes Henry, “which had been destroyed by the Christians, I was shocked". "I was barely 15,” he recalls, “yet I understood in a powerful hands-on, non-intellectual way, how harsh had been Europe's conversion to Christianity. They burned temples, smashed statues, massacred the priests and established extremely harsh laws. By 392 ce, Paganism died."

The Hindu Connection – Europe's Pagans have not failed to observe that Hindus, too, are “Pagans”. Gérard has been to India many times. "India is a conservatory of traditions going back into our most ancient prehistory” he says to Hughes Henry. “The Paganism of our ancestors has miraculously survived there in spite of Muslim invasions, Christian missions and all the other agents of ethnocide [the systematic destruction of a culture]. The Brahmins, brothers to our Druids, have never stopped offering ritual worship as we used to do 40 centuries ago. Pilgrimage to India is basic for every European Pagan because it allows him to reconnect with the living tradition, which is moreover Indo-European.

“To be an European Pagan at the dawn of the 21st century is not always easy,” writes Henry Hughes. “If Gérard does it in a discrete manner by appearing to emphasize thought, it is because he has already experienced pressure from the still-influential Catholic Church in Belgium, which is wary of Paganism's revival.”

In less than 30 years, and especially since the 80s, the Pagan groupings have multiplied, for better or for worse. From Belgium to Estonia, from Sicily to Ireland, the Pagan rennaisance is obvious. Bookstores are full of books on the ancient native religions. In Great Britain, you cannot avoid the Pagan network. They even have university professors who are openly Pagan. In Iceland, Paganism became an official religion in 1973. Everywhere in Europe, Christian dominion over the mind is gradually but surely vanishing. Witness the return of the Druids, the shamans and the priests of the Gods."

Monday, September 12, 2005


Raghuvamsaa Kings

We know much about the life and characteristics of the Ikshvaaku dynasty of kings (popularly known as) Raghuvamsa dynasty, from the works of Mahakavi Kalidasa, a great Sanskrit poet and dramatist in the court of King Bhoja, who probably lived in 4th Century AD, in the city of Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh).

He has to his credit many legendary works like Kumara Sambhavam (describing the birth of Skanda, and the appearance 6 Kirthigaas), Megha Sandesham (the clouds as messengers), and Maallavikaagni Mitram, apart from Raghuvamsa Mahakavya; where-in Kalidasa describes the reign of each and every king. He also elaborately describes the love between Ajaa and Indumathi, grand-parents of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, etc.

The following were the characteristics of the Kings and his subjects

1. People lived a full life of 120 years
2. Disease, poverty, and natural calamities dare not enter the kingdom.
3. Theft, lies, etc. remained only in words.
4. People enjoyed the pleasures (of youth), only for the sake of progeny.
5. Their kingdom extended upto heaven,
6. Boundaries of which were marked by ocean.
7. The seasons never failed, and in-turn;
8. Earth never failed in yielding produce.
9. Under their rule, people did not deviate, even to an inch, from the path laid in the Vedas.
10. They were following the same vedic path, ever since the days of Manu.

Contrary to the popular belief that Adam and Eve were the first human-beings, incidently, Manu and Satarupa, were the first human-beings on the earth, Manu himself being the son of Sun-God Viswavaan. There is neither historical nor scientific proof that Adam and Eve were the first.

The modern evolution theory, as put forward by Charles Darwin suggests that humans evolved (by chance) from monkeys. But again, Valmiki Ramayan, describes in detail the relationship between humans and monkeys. So again, Darwin did not say anything new.

Again, another controversy arises did they rule only in India or the whole world?

The ancient Incas of South-Americas (whose civilization was wiped out by Spanish crusaders in the 15th century), used to call themselves as descendants of Sun-God.

The ancient Egyptians designed the pyramids in such a way that on a particular day and time, the sun-light would directly beam over the mummy of the King.

Among all the kings of Egypt, Ramases I, is considered the greatest. In fact, the name Ramases, is derived from Ram.

Manu was son of Viswavaan, the sun-god, and manu's son was Ikshvaaku. Sun is also called as Raghu, and hence the name Raghuvamsa dynasty of kings.

In this dynasty was a king by name Sagara, who is credited as creator of Ocean. The Sahara desert, at one point of time, was an ocean (recent archaeological & scientific studies also confirm it). It is so named because to give due credit to its creator Sagara. Again the Valley of the Kings (in Egypt) is known as Saqqara, referring to the original creator.

A recent show in Discovery Channel (www.discovery.com), revealed that contrary to the popular belief that humans came out of Africa, and spread to the rest of the world, the human population probably originated in India (and Indonesia) before spreading to the rest of the world.



1. Pre-Islamic Arabia was a HINDU-HEARTLAND
2. A recent show in the Discovery Channel (www.discovery.com) revealed that the life-style of ancient Babylonians was exactly the same as that of modern-day Puri; there-by ancient Babylonians were Vaishnavaas.
3. The Kabba temple in Mecca was a Shiva temple, and the black tomb at the center of Mecca contains "A Shiva Linga, and a Hari-paadhaa"
4. Quran was put in its present form, probably after 100-years after the death of Prophet.
5. The Al-Aqsa mosque, where Prophet Mohammed breathed his last; was originally TEMPLE MOUNT, a sacred-Jewish Temple.
6. Prophet Mohammed (as accepted World-wide) got the revelations of GOD (Allah) only when he was 37 years old! So probably, till that age, he was a Jew (or a Hindu)
7. Allah is a corrupted version of Ambaa (a Hindu Goddess)
8. Most Islamic scholars are not sure about the holiness attached with the number 786. Probably, this number represents the Hindu-sacred syllable OM or AUM.
9. Those who go for Haj (a holy pigrimage of Mecca & Medina) do not wear dress in Arabic-style (as worn by Yasser Arafath), but instead, a dhoti, a sacred-thread, a turban, and an angosthram.
10. MOON was worshipped in ancient Hindu, Pagan, Babylonian, as well as Sumerians


Wanted – BUSH & BLAIR DEAD (immediately)

A friend recently offered a profound insight, viz., the Rand Corporation headquarters at Santa Monica, visible on its website, is shaped likethe \"Jesusfish,\" the secret sign by which Early Christians recognised each other and under which they organised to overthrow the Roman Empire. Today, the Jesus fish is the symbol of Bible-thumping fundamentalists in America, who stick it on their cars to proclaim adherence to a rabid Christianidentity that has little tolerance of \"Others.\"

According to the South Asia Terrorism Portal, India\'s terrorismcasualties inthe decade 1994-2005 (facts, not cosmic hallucinations) are Jammu andKashmir(31,782); North-east (13,933); Naxalites (5,041); Punjab (175) andOthers (6);making a staggering total of 50,937 victims. These were human beingswho becamestatistics in our struggle against foreign-funded criminals.

Naturally Rand will not dare scrutinise American fanatics like PatRobertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, who makes nopretense about his espousal of violence to achieve political ends. The renowned tele-evangelist publicly asked the US Government to assassinate Venezuelan PresidentHugo Chavezfor posing \"a terrific danger\" to America by \"exporting Communism and Islamic extremism.\" Addressing his \"The 700 Club\" show on August 22, 2005,Robertson proclaimed that if Chavez feared America was plotting to assassinate him, \"we really ought to go ahead and do it... It\'s a whole lot cheaper thanstarting awar.\"Though Robertson issued a formal apology following public outrage over his remark, it seems likely that he endorses assassination as a means of achieving political goals. Worse, Robertson is a vigorous advocate of the politics of Ugly America; he favours action against Mr Chavez because Venezuela controls 10 per cent of American oil imports, denial of which could hurt its economy. President Chavez had threatened that his country would stop oil exports if anything happened to him. It is hardly surprising that all so-called threats to US security and national interests listed by the Rand report turn out to be countries and societies threatened by American imperialism!

India emerges as a nation America needs to\"control\" to realise its global ambitions, and her Westernised Oriental Elite(WOE unto us) is more than willing to play ball. RSS is one of the few organised bulwarks against this nefarious design; hence the demonization as violent, terrorist, totalitarian. Interestingly, CIA-Rand says that the Hindu-Bauddha cosmic battle between Good and Evil is a perennial struggle to exit the Wheel of Existence with its continuous cycle of rebirths and achieve Nirvana. Now this metaphysical battle of the Indic traditions never, ever, becomes the manifest physical conflict that perennially accompanies the spiritual quest in Abrahamic faiths (both heretical and mainline sects). Yet the analogy has been invoked to label Ayodhya as a \"battlefield\"- a clear signal to the Muslim community not to accommodate Hindu sensitivities on RamJanmabhoomi. The CIA knows that Hindu dharma\'s divine battlefield isKurukshetra; Ayodhya was where we achieved the perfect kingdom under aperfectking, hence \'Ram rajya.\'

Friday, September 09, 2005



We prayed for six decades for a Hindu who could defy the Will of Devil and be proud of his Faith and Land.

God listened to our prayers and now we have Narendra Modi in Gujarat, the genuine Rashtrapita. That honour did not go to any sword bearing Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh ji, whose top political leader, while being confined to UNION Territory of Chandigarh, is looking forward to a smile from the Italian born White Elephant of Bharat.

Some regard Narendra Modi as the reincarnation of Maharana Pratap, even Chatrapati Shivaji. But the hue & cry against him expose the Powers that hold India in their suffocating grip, and the vulnerability of the Hindus on their own territory.

In our view an individual like Shri Modi should really be the PRESIDENT of India and not hounded in international wilderness. His noble wife deserves to be the First Lady of Hindustan. But who do we have, instead? The Daughter of POPE and MAFIA, holding irrevocable dual nationality by right of birth, who is an insult to Indias NATIVE womanhood. What she thinks of Hinduism, Sri Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar and Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, is unprintable.

The Constitution had to be totally different in the wake of savage Muslim attack at PARTITION. We deleted the word, and called it INDEPENDENCE in order not to cast aspersion on the HIGH TREASON committed by our cowardly leaders, foremost Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, not to demand his execution by firing squad.

We retained the MUSLIMS when they slaughtered us by the million and chased us out in rags and three clothes from our own territory that became ISLAMIC Pakistan.

We went along with Rajiv Khans invasion of Northern Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin and we went along with his mother Indira KHAN when she badly distorted the politics in East Punjab to find an excuse to decimate the Sikhs.

The Hindus are most certainly on the path to extinction like the Red Indians. We have no guts to look back at PARTITION and no eyes to see our FUTURE in the Islamic Republic of Hindustan.

The Hindus have to start a new tradition, of coming out in their hundreds of thousands in streets to show COLLECTIVE power, something that the Muslims and the Christians are expert at.

Hindu leaders failed to see PEOPLE POWER in Dresden, Leipzig and Prague that brought down the mighty Soviet Empire, and more recently, in Kiev that changed the government in Ukraine.

When will we put Shri Modi in front, and see a MILLION HINDUS marching together behind him through the streets of Delhi, passing in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Lok Sabha and No. 10 JANPATH?

The reality check is not in favour of the Hindus at present. Some of the States in India are larger than France and Germany and in a world where even Czech Republic has her Man in UNO, Mr. Modi, despite his democracy and popular mandate, has no international standing.

Sonia Khan at Centre has the power to topple him and even put him before court while the whole country cannot get the final verdict on BOFORS CHOR delivered by any court.

The REALITY check says, America is not interested in Hindus but in their future economic potential as a rival of the US. The genius of Hindus will flourish only when we get rid of scheming Hindu bashing devils of Delhi.

The worst FEAR of the West, America included, is the possibiltity that after India wipes out her Congress (Italy and Islam) the Hindus will go out to embrace their first cousins in Buddhist China and Japan.

When India becomes HINDU RASHTRA the “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai” will become deception and fraud.

After Hindustan acquires her own brain and perceptions, India-China alliance will be formidable like the alliance of EU and USA. Hindu India will create a climate in which thousands of tourists and pilgrims will come from the East, not Mohammedans from the Middle East who come to pick up girls.

The two great Asian civilisations will meet, thus keeping the plunderers, looters, CHORS and Hindu-haters AWAY.

We hope Mr. Modi will rise above the storm and make Gujarat the leading State with regard to computers in classrooms. Hopefully his good deed will catch on with the chief ministers of Maharashtra and EAST Punjab. The latter will be liberated by his people from Union Territory.

By Internet one can reach out to the masses DIRECT without Sonia and her RAW coming in between.

Rejoice, dear Hindus. A silent REVOLUTION is brewing in Bharat to sweep away the ideological filth gathered over centuries. A new era is dawning, the Era of the proud HINDU. Narendra Modi may well have initiated it.



Brinda Karat, a Left feminist, has criticised RSS chief K.S. Sudharshan for his views on the role of women. In Sudharshan’s view, a woman who puts the family above her career is the role model for others. Brinda chided him for being anti-women. For her, a family woman is subordinated. Conversely, a career woman is liberated. Sudharshan’s view and Brinda’s are not just a conflict of the ‘traditional’ India with the ‘modern’. Today, it involves the ‘modern’ West as well and a debate is on out there. Look at the facts and the thoughts on the role of women in the West, which our intellectuals of the Left and also of the rest generally benchmark.Long before, the West had caught on to what the likes of Brinda now advocate for Indian women. The West, ideologically close to Brinda, moved even faster. In the Russian Federation, 65 percent of the marriages end in divorce. The divorce-to-marriage rate in the Ukraine is 63 percent, Czech 61 percent, the UK 51 percent, the US 49 percent, and Germany 41 percent. Swedish women are the most ‘liberated’ and ‘empowered’ with half and more of Swedish parliamentarians and civil servants being women. Is it just a coincidence — or consequence — that 65 percent or more of Swedish women and men live together without marriage, any one with anyone for any length of time? In the end, over two-thirds of Swedish elders are bereft of family support. This has forced the Swedish government to pass a law to provide caretakers, at its cost, for assisting the aged who are orphaned.Look at the USA, which many look towards. The traditional arrangement where men go to work and women look after the house has fallen from 53 percent of married couples in 1972 to 21 percent in 1998. The divorce rate in the US has doubled between 1960 and 1998. Don’t dismiss it as merely a cultural fall. It is economic as well. The state had to step in to fill the void in families. So the social security cost, that is the cost of caring for the aged and the infirm, unemployed and others, has skyrocketed. Many in the West are frightened of this time bomb ticking under their economies. Some of the best minds in the US fear that the emerging ‘Fatherless America’, as one writer put it, will bankrupt the country.In contrast, the entire social security cost is privatised in India through the traditional family mechanism. But for such traditional families the Indian state would have gone broke long ago. Now the West is realising the criticality of women who put home above career. A study made in 2003, covering over 100,000 families in the UK and the US, found all this: wherever men and women have competed and claimed arithmetical equality, families broke up; the happiness of families and their overall economic status stood eroded; wherever women had the full support of husbands and had been mothers taking care of the family, happiness in the family was complete; separation forcing women to remarry or remain single caused a drastic reduction in their overall happiness.Look at the relatively more traditional Germany. An article in The Christian Science Monitor (March 25, 2005) reads: “In Germany, the idea that it’s possible to combine family life and a career is rejected by society as a whole,” argues Barbara Vinken, author of “The German Mother.” German society, she says, is increasingly split into two camps: those who have children, and those who don’t. “It’s a society in which a growing segment isn’t reproducing anymore.” The article goes on: “Sending your child (to day-care in order) to work is seen as something that weakens the family rather than strengthens it,” says Giscela Ehler, head of Familenservice, a childcare consultant based in Berlin. “Women,” she says, “feel that they have to choose between family and career.” Yet, only 16 percent of German women with children less than six go for work.Now see the stunning decay in women’s status in the relatively traditional Germany. Like in all West the German government provides doles till employment is offered to the unemployed. An unemployed German girl receiving the dole was stunned when told by the employment office to either join a brothel that had jobs to offer her or, if she declined to, become disentitled to her dole! Why? As Germany had legalised prostitution as an industry, a job in a brothel was as good any other employment for women in market economics!So the West is now debating what the ideal role of a woman should be. In the West, one abuses Barbara Vinken as anti-women or dismisses her as Biblical. Nor does anyone trivialise Giscela as medieval. What Sudharshan says in India is precisely what Barbaras and Giscelas say in Germany. So let us look at the debate in the West, developed and more than that, decaying — lest even as we replicate their development, we don’t bring in their decay. Sudharshan has a valid point. He never said women should not opt for a career. He only cautioned against idolising career women and trivialising the family-bound. In an intellectually spineless atmosphere, he has had the guts to raise a point, a profound one. Let us discuss it without being dismissive or abusive.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Cry My Beloved India – II

Ancient India's achievements in Medical & Physical Science

1. Artificial Limb - Rig Veda, Modern Science - 20th Century
2. Number of Chromosomes (23) - Mahabharath (5500 BCE), Modern Science - 1890 AD
3. Beginning of Foetal - Eitreya Upanishad (6000 BCE), Modern Science - 1972 AD
4. Test tube babies (from Ovum/Sperm) - Mahabharath, Modern Science - Not Yet
5. Elongation of Life in Space travel - Srimad Bhagawatham, Modern Science - Not Yet
6. Life in trees and plants - Mahabharath, Modern Science - 19th Century
7. Space travel to another Solar System - Srimad Bhagawatham Modern Science - In Trials
8. Phosphorescent rays at the Bay of Pisco, Peru, South America - Valmiki Ramayan (~7300 BCE), Modern Science - 1960
9. Trans-Saturnean Planets - Mahabharath, Modern Science - 17th-19th Century
10. Atom (Divisible & Indivisible) - Srimad Bhagawatham, Modern Science - 1800 AD

Indian's of special note

1. Rabindranath Tagore 1891-1941 " Oneness amongst men, unity among diversity, is the core religion of India"
2. Sir C.V.Raman 1888-1970 Noble Laureate for Physics
3. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose 1858-1937, USA based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, proved a century old suspicion that it was Jagadish Chandra Bose, and not Marconi, the father of wireless-communication.
4. Satyendranath Bose 1894-1974 His collaboration works with Einstein, led to a new branch of statistical mechanics known as "Einstein-Bose" statistics.
5. Srinivasa Ramanujam 1887-1920 Proved over 3,542 theorems and postulates at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK.

To be contd....


Christianity Summarized – II

1. AMEN is a corrupted version of OM or AUM, the Hindu-sacred chant, which is supposed to be the cause of this universe.

2. The HOLY CROSS "+" is a corrupted version of the Hindu-Swasthik symbol.

3. "Abraham and Sarah created this world" claims the Bible. It is nothing but corrupted versions of Brahma and Saraswathi (Hindu God & Godess)

4. If Kunti (of Mahabharath) cannot be a VIRGIN if she had given birth to Karna, then how is it possible for Mary (of Christianity) to remain VIRGIN despite having given birth to JESUS??

5. Jesus was never born on 25th Dec. Dec 21st is the shortest day, and this will continue for another 3 days, so probably the SUN will appear after a long-winter for the first time on Dec 25th. And probably, the ancient Pagans were celebrating the re-appearance of the SUN on Dec 25th, and christians also slowly started accepting this practice as birthday of Jesus.

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