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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Christianity Summarized – II

1. AMEN is a corrupted version of OM or AUM, the Hindu-sacred chant, which is supposed to be the cause of this universe.

2. The HOLY CROSS "+" is a corrupted version of the Hindu-Swasthik symbol.

3. "Abraham and Sarah created this world" claims the Bible. It is nothing but corrupted versions of Brahma and Saraswathi (Hindu God & Godess)

4. If Kunti (of Mahabharath) cannot be a VIRGIN if she had given birth to Karna, then how is it possible for Mary (of Christianity) to remain VIRGIN despite having given birth to JESUS??

5. Jesus was never born on 25th Dec. Dec 21st is the shortest day, and this will continue for another 3 days, so probably the SUN will appear after a long-winter for the first time on Dec 25th. And probably, the ancient Pagans were celebrating the re-appearance of the SUN on Dec 25th, and christians also slowly started accepting this practice as birthday of Jesus.

Try and explore how Shukha -son of vyasar was born

Hi Explorer Raghav,

I m not denying the fact that Mary is/was a virgin, but I want even Kunti to be accepted as a virgin.

Moreover, modern day fanatics/facists like benny hinn, always wanna prove that even today one can actually touch jesus, smell jesus f*** jesus, so first i will explore how they f*** jesus, then (if time permits) i will explore how Sukha was born.

Anandkumar V
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