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Monday, September 12, 2005



1. Pre-Islamic Arabia was a HINDU-HEARTLAND
2. A recent show in the Discovery Channel (www.discovery.com) revealed that the life-style of ancient Babylonians was exactly the same as that of modern-day Puri; there-by ancient Babylonians were Vaishnavaas.
3. The Kabba temple in Mecca was a Shiva temple, and the black tomb at the center of Mecca contains "A Shiva Linga, and a Hari-paadhaa"
4. Quran was put in its present form, probably after 100-years after the death of Prophet.
5. The Al-Aqsa mosque, where Prophet Mohammed breathed his last; was originally TEMPLE MOUNT, a sacred-Jewish Temple.
6. Prophet Mohammed (as accepted World-wide) got the revelations of GOD (Allah) only when he was 37 years old! So probably, till that age, he was a Jew (or a Hindu)
7. Allah is a corrupted version of Ambaa (a Hindu Goddess)
8. Most Islamic scholars are not sure about the holiness attached with the number 786. Probably, this number represents the Hindu-sacred syllable OM or AUM.
9. Those who go for Haj (a holy pigrimage of Mecca & Medina) do not wear dress in Arabic-style (as worn by Yasser Arafath), but instead, a dhoti, a sacred-thread, a turban, and an angosthram.
10. MOON was worshipped in ancient Hindu, Pagan, Babylonian, as well as Sumerians

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