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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


KAUN BANEGA VIJAY_PATHI – The Ultimate Captain Trivia

Folks, I hope u will n'joy the quiz, and I hope its totally different n hilarious too...........

Please take a paper n pencil b4 u start the quiz

1. In Which film Captain caught Veerappan?
A. Captain Divakaran
B. Captain Sudhakaran
C. Captain Dinakaran
D. Captain Prabhakaran

2. In Which film was Captain officially inducted in the Indian Navy?
A. Pulan Visaranai
B. Ulavuthurai
C. Rajjiyam
D. Thennavan

3. In Which film did Captain attend the graduation ceremony of his brother with a tin of murukkus?
A. Boomiya Pola
B. Nilava Pola
C. Vaanatha Pola
D. Thanniya Pola

4. In Which film will a high court judge say that Captain is better than him in giving judgements?
A. Periya Kownder
B. Chinna Kownder
C. Nalla Kownder
D. Vella Kownder

5. In Which film will our Captain be a night watchman as well as a singer?
A. Moothevi Kaathirundhaal
B. Sridevi Kaathirundhaal
C. Devi Kaathirundhaal
D. Vaidhegi kaathirundhaal

6. In Which film will our Captain say that he has "Soothing (Shooting) order" to Prakash Raj?
A. Nara Simma
B. Naraikaatha Simma
C. Vanchinathan
D. Vallarasu

7. Which is Captain's best dance movement till date?
A. Punnagaiyil Minsaram, Bharathan
B. Amul Baby, Vanchinathan
C. Panchangam Pakkathey Mama, Thavasi
D. Katturen Katturen, Honest Raj

8. In Which film will Captain wear a suit, tie and a Bermuda shorts? (Clue – its for a song)
A. Thiru Murthi
B. Amman Koil Kizhakkaley
C. Uzhavan Magan
D. Sathya Murthi

9. In Which film will Captin mock a MSc. student saying "you have studied only 17th?"
A. Rajjiyam
B. Naane Raja Naane Manthiri
C. Coolikaran
D. Nallavan

1. D
2. B
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. A, C!
8. A – Masthu Masthu Thiru Murthi
9. B

0-2 You have wasted your life by missing one of the finest actors in Damil cinema
3-5 Since your knowledge about Captain is minimal, you must rent all his DVDs soon
6-8 You are a good Captain fan. Have his photo nailed in your pooja room
9 - Immediately call Captain's political party to get a seat

hilarious stuff indeed dude :)
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