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Thursday, September 22, 2005


More Evidence of Bhaagawatha Purana in BIBLE

How many Manus were there listed in Hindu books?
At least 14 I believe.

They existed between ABRAHM's time to DAVID's time...in 14 generations or so.
check it out.
Manu the lawgiver had given the code of life to humanity. Laws codified by Manu give details of judicial administration, social norms, religious rules and political stragegies. In Manu's code, the cow had been held sacred and hence its killing had been made a crime- Manu's code or Dharma Sastra emphasises the purificatory and propitiatory aspects of Mantras to clear one's hearts. Manu's code defines all the laws- how a couple should behave, how to respect elders, how to follow festivals, the duties of a wife, a husband, a son, etc. The code also defined the laws how to pay one regards and perform religious rites to the departed relatives. The code mentions about crimes and punishments"

"I also find some correlations between what has been said in NT of Bible and 14 Manus (That reigned) now. Actually 14 MANUs may represent 14 generations only of kings who ruled or lived from one great personality to another.
MAtthew 1: 17~" So all the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations, from David until the captivity in Babylon are 14 generations and from the capitivity in babylon until Christ are 14 generations"
It may be that when Bhaghavatum said 14 Manus existed, actually refers to 14 such generations between each personality's time! Each personality may be avatars, as there were more than 10 avatars mentioned in Bhaghavatum.

why manus came into existence only from the time of ABRAHM mostly? Things were getting screwed up when ABRAHM aka BRAHMA rishi at that time sinned w HAGAR. That is for one thing.
Also it was not necessary to have MANUSMIRITIs at the time of LORD RAMA OR LORD KRSNA, as THEY BOTH along w other AVATARS earlier formed the consortium of LAW givers in all Hindu Kingdoms then before the time of ABRAHM! LOL:)
That is true, TORABORA conferences between "future muslims" and future jews before TERAH's settlement in UR CITY was all about consolidating the messages found in RAMAYAN and MAHABHARAT as HADITHs and HADEETHS only!BUT that was not enough to teach moral laws or codes of behaviors to people esp during the time of "infertility" and how people tried to have offspring etc before ABRAHM was 100yrs old. YUP. That was the time KAMASUTRA was composed and temple architecture was used to teach sex ed.w SHIVALINGHA as "EVOLUTIONARY CREATIONS" began...2,950BCE.
Manus were Hindu lawyers, who also spoke Hebrew, arabic and other languages that came out of Root languages then. That is how they all got notes that may sound similar coming from mesopotemian HIndus.
anyone has any comments on this? Please post them here. Thanks.


Each personality may be avatars, as there were more than 10 avatars mentioned in Bhaghavatum.

What is 'Bhaghavatum' ?
Hi Santho,
Srimad Bhagavatum is one of the 18 major puranas.

If among cities it is Kanchi,
If among rivers it is Ganges, then,
among the great epics, it is 'Srimad Bhaagavatham'.

It is a gr8 work compiled by Srila Vyasa. It deals with the life and birth of Krsna, Mahabharatha war, and other leela's of God Krsna.

Anandkumar V
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