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Thursday, September 22, 2005


More Evidence of Vedic Culture's GLOBAL EXISTENCE

hindus only. Just like roman people. Xerxes was a great king who ruled India. Arthasastra perhaps was composed during his time in INDUS region or Northwestern India.
Greek people were offprings of ROMANS actually, who like BRIGHU formulated their language after LATIN ROOT language. Hebrew was known as HIbru dilect and has nothing to do w LATIN or GREEK lagnuage, but had lot to do w Persian for Phonetics and for scripting from Indic languages that were borrowed in style or artful or visual display of square letters.

I also read about "RISHI AUGUSTYA" who formulated GREEK language after LATIN speaking or romans left that region back in 2,950BCE to settle down w a country that they formed after the naem of LORD RAMA aka ROMULUS in LATIN. "ROMULU" is LORD RAMA in TELUGU language. Telugu was known as Italian of the EAST then.
This was another reason that greeks shared a lot of paganistic Deities w LATIN speaking romans at one time, not because they were settled next to one another's space in map.
LIKE JEWS worshipped BAAL and EL aka GOLDEN CALF or NANDHI along w "SIN" GOD aka "LORD SIVAN" or LORD SHIVA by elamite TAMILS and Srilankans near BACTERIA Region and also in Upper EGYPT, the greeks worshipped GODs that they picked up from Romans and from RAMSEY's left over HIndu religious regions of Upper Egypt only.
In GITA, we often find references like "O, PARTHA!" or "O, Scythian", etc.They were all hindu folks only. THey worshipped LORD KRSNA and were perhaps known as Shemites in Hebrew lang or in greek.
I don't think "Xerxes" ever lived in GREECE, the current day modern GREECE at any time.
HERMES for sure was in Upanishadic studies w many hindu Rishis or Gurus during his time. Hermitism was one of his works. Which we call as Sanyasa.He probably was a follower of SHAIVISM, as this following note indicated."Originally Hermes was a phallic god, being attached to fertility and good fortune, and also a patron of roads and boundaries"

Asceticism was also twisted by Hermes' followers after his death around 415BCE. The followers of Hermistism also went to upper Egypt region in search of other hindu scriptures. THey might have stayed back there, up until Romans came back from west to track them down in Upper Egypt region~From MOROCCO to west side of NILE River. There were some pharaohs from Greek Kingdoms who slaved Hindus and other persians at that time since Bible times.
That is the reason, you don't finds the name of "XERXES" in bible at any place in anyone verse!!! OR Hermes name was NOT even found in OT as well.XERXES spoke Sanskrit mostly, whereas Hermes was a pure Greek language spoken "YOGI" seeking WISDOM from HINDU RISHIS. But due to language problems he had w INDIC and Sanskrit language, he misunderstood RENOUNCIATION and said totally opposite of what was given in GITA or in Other holy hindu scriptures. Just like ABRAHM deviated, he also did.
HERMES was there during the Upanshadic discussion times only. He died back in 415BCE.

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