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Monday, September 12, 2005


Wanted – BUSH & BLAIR DEAD (immediately)

A friend recently offered a profound insight, viz., the Rand Corporation headquarters at Santa Monica, visible on its website, is shaped likethe \"Jesusfish,\" the secret sign by which Early Christians recognised each other and under which they organised to overthrow the Roman Empire. Today, the Jesus fish is the symbol of Bible-thumping fundamentalists in America, who stick it on their cars to proclaim adherence to a rabid Christianidentity that has little tolerance of \"Others.\"

According to the South Asia Terrorism Portal, India\'s terrorismcasualties inthe decade 1994-2005 (facts, not cosmic hallucinations) are Jammu andKashmir(31,782); North-east (13,933); Naxalites (5,041); Punjab (175) andOthers (6);making a staggering total of 50,937 victims. These were human beingswho becamestatistics in our struggle against foreign-funded criminals.

Naturally Rand will not dare scrutinise American fanatics like PatRobertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, who makes nopretense about his espousal of violence to achieve political ends. The renowned tele-evangelist publicly asked the US Government to assassinate Venezuelan PresidentHugo Chavezfor posing \"a terrific danger\" to America by \"exporting Communism and Islamic extremism.\" Addressing his \"The 700 Club\" show on August 22, 2005,Robertson proclaimed that if Chavez feared America was plotting to assassinate him, \"we really ought to go ahead and do it... It\'s a whole lot cheaper thanstarting awar.\"Though Robertson issued a formal apology following public outrage over his remark, it seems likely that he endorses assassination as a means of achieving political goals. Worse, Robertson is a vigorous advocate of the politics of Ugly America; he favours action against Mr Chavez because Venezuela controls 10 per cent of American oil imports, denial of which could hurt its economy. President Chavez had threatened that his country would stop oil exports if anything happened to him. It is hardly surprising that all so-called threats to US security and national interests listed by the Rand report turn out to be countries and societies threatened by American imperialism!

India emerges as a nation America needs to\"control\" to realise its global ambitions, and her Westernised Oriental Elite(WOE unto us) is more than willing to play ball. RSS is one of the few organised bulwarks against this nefarious design; hence the demonization as violent, terrorist, totalitarian. Interestingly, CIA-Rand says that the Hindu-Bauddha cosmic battle between Good and Evil is a perennial struggle to exit the Wheel of Existence with its continuous cycle of rebirths and achieve Nirvana. Now this metaphysical battle of the Indic traditions never, ever, becomes the manifest physical conflict that perennially accompanies the spiritual quest in Abrahamic faiths (both heretical and mainline sects). Yet the analogy has been invoked to label Ayodhya as a \"battlefield\"- a clear signal to the Muslim community not to accommodate Hindu sensitivities on RamJanmabhoomi. The CIA knows that Hindu dharma\'s divine battlefield isKurukshetra; Ayodhya was where we achieved the perfect kingdom under aperfectking, hence \'Ram rajya.\'

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