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Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Science may have caught up with the Bible, which says that Adam and Eve are the ancestors of all humans alive today. This theory is impossible as per the scientists. Now it is being said that there is no historical Jesus and the Christianity is the biggest fraud committed by some determined group of writers on human race. In the scientists' version, based on DNA analysis, ''Adam,'' the genetic ancestor of all men living today, and ''Eve,'' the genetic ancestor of all living women, seem to have lived 84,000 years apart. In science, unlike the Old Testament, Eve came before Adam and the analysis of Y chromosome shows that Adam was an African. A common modern male ancestor, Adam, is a mathematical concept and made their appearance about 59,000 years ago, and the common modern female ancestor, Eve made her appearance some 1,43,000 years ago. Prior to the modern male there were males but they were more related to chimpanzees than modern man based on the study of a noncoding region of the Y chromosome and Haplotype 1A, defined by an A at a particular site, appears to be ancestral because the A is found in chimpanzees, and that in humans, it occurs only in some Africans. The study even pinpointed the living men whose Y chromosomes most resemble Adam's, are few Ethiopians, Sudanese, and Khoisan people living in southern Africa, including groups once known as Hottentots and Bushmen. The genes reflect known history. Fossil records suggest that Homo sapiens, or modern humans, first appeared in Africa about 150,000 years ago, then moved out and spread across the world fairly quickly: perhaps 50,000 years ago to Europe and as long as 60,000 years ago to Australasia. It is concluded that the last common ancestor of modern humans was a population probably in Africa, suggesting a recent African origin for all the modern 'races' and excluding Neanderthals and other non-African archaic humans form direct ancestry to modern humanity. Chapter 8.6 of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution covers this quite briefly. But detailed studies have pinpointed the fact that the modern male and female had a gap of tens of thousands of years.Females have two X-chromosomes, whereas males have one X and one Y. Only men carry a Y chromosome. All the information in a man's Y chromosome is passed to his son, and every man's Y chromosome carries a virtual pedigree of his male family history. This could be one subconscious reason why Hindus are very particular to have a male child to carry forward the legacy of their father. Using mutation rates of genes, as molecular clocks the small DNA differences between different men's Y-chromosomes are used to figure out how populations from around the world are related, and where and when these populations evolved.Eve’s identity was traced by analysing the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) passed exclusively from mother to daughter. The genetic trail leading to Y-Adam was found to be at the same place where the modern female ancestor, mitochondrial Eve lived. Using mtDNA, the genetic ‘Eve’ was found to have lived 1, 43,000 years ago. The so-called races have no genetic basis, but genetics have relevance only to ethnic and geographic groups. Comparing date collected from the two genetic systems, the researchers found consistency in the estimates of the timing of the various migratory events out of Africa. At the level of the Y chromosome there is very little difference and the skin colour differences are strictly a consequence of climate. Women were good at passing on their genes, while men were less lucky. One tribe conquers another tribe and mate with all the women. Polygamy and a few dominant males get to marry and have children and the rest see their genes consigned to the rubbish heap of posterity. Also if a man has only daughter, he would not pass off his Y chromosome and so would chalk up a big zero in the ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ genetic stakes. The data show that variants in the Y chromosome, which sons inherit from their fathers, have a different geographic distribution from variants in mtDNA, which is passed from mother to daughter. Particular mtDNA markers are widespread. Women on different continents often carry the same markers, showing that women move more than men. It may be that women move into their husband’s homes and have their children farther from their birthplaces. Thus over the millennia, women spread their genes farther than men do, eventually across entire continents. But most variations in the Y chromosome are restricted to small geographic areas. Finally in simple language it means that the early eve had males of different genetic markers and after a period of 84,000 years later, the Adam who is the forefather of all males living today met Eve’s descendent female. This also calls for a review of the stories of Bible, and as per scientists there never was a Jesus Christ also known as that there is no historical Jesus. So, Christianity is the biggest fraud on human race.

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