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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Dixit was killed by Pakistanis

Our nation is run by an unknown illiterate barmaid from Italy whose birthplace, birthdates, qualification and association are under a cloud. Modern times with instant communication and mass media, it appears that foreign nations could place someone at the top of our political structure. Next in the line could be a drug and Columbian connection through Raul. What type of persons are these who have come to occupy positions of power in this era of Pappu Yadav, Bhulan Devi, and Lalu Yadav?In a restaurant in Cambridge town Sonia first met Rajiv in 1965. Rajiv was a student in the University, but could not cope with the studies and left for London. Sonia followed him to London in 1966. As per available information in London Sonia was working in an outfit run by Salman Thassir a Pakistani ISI operative who had offices in Dubai and London. The Pakistani was running an import export business in Dubai as an ISI front. Pakistanis are very fond of Sona or Gold and it was Salman who might have named Antonia as Sonia. Also it is a fact which I had seen, is that every female that is recruited by any Pakistanis in Dubai or London are recruited after the casting couch test. It must be the Pakistanis who had placed Antonia alias Sonia Gandhi in front of Rajiv Gandhi. It is also no surprise that J.N.Dixit spent some of his last moments on Sunday night chatting with Pakistan's High Commissioner Aziz Ahmed Khan at a party and by morning he was dead. Dixit was killed because he was proposing exchanging equal area between Pakistan and India where as Sonia wanted to favor Pakistanis. Based on the inside information and as Pakistanis and Sonia felt that Dixit is a hindrance to them on their long term plans, Pakistanis killed him. Reports in Malayalam media indicate a conspiracy and possibly a case of murder over the sudden demise of India's National Security Adviser Jyotindra Nath Dixit. Mr. Dikshit was Kerlite and is a malayali Nair. Jyotindra Nath Dixit was later adopted by one Gandhian. Dikshit later married his mother at the Wardha ashram of Gandhiji. The young Dixit was a favorite of Gandhiji, and is one of the boys seen in the famous pictures of Gandhiji. . Obviously he was a man of absolute integrity and had strong views on national concerns. J.N.Dixit had the total trust of the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. Reports had said that Dixit was under strain of late because all the decisions are taken by Sonia and not by Manmohan Singh. The reports further stated that he was tense after having dissented at the PMO over some interference from the office of Sonia Gandhi. He was even discussed with his wife whether he should quit his job because of this. One of the major item in which he dissented was over the appointment of P K Hormis Tharakan, former Police Chief of Kerala to the top post of RAW. Few days earlier to Dixit’s death, Hormis Tharakan assumed charge of RAW chief. Mr. Dikshit knew about the Syrian Christians of Kerala, and Hormis Tharakan who is one of their leaders has international links to destabilse India and is an active member of their pan-national Christian networks spanning every country of the world and ties to Opus Dei the Italian spy agency. Dixit had no choice as the Christian Sonia controlled every top appointment in the country and she has even successful in making Jayalalitha to appoint a sidelined Christian IPS officer A. X. Alexander, as the present Director General of Police, Tamil Nadu recently. In one of the drinking session in Dubai this Alexander revealed one of the main duties of the Tamil Nadu top police officers. It was that the top police men are to procure college girls for the lesbian Jayalalitha. Now Sonia has put all Syrian Christians like Vincent George and others as her trusted lieutenants. . Vincent George who was involved in an abduction cum serial rape case of a minor Hindu girl in Kerala is back in power The same group of Christians like M. O Mathai who managed the affairs of Nehru and P C Alexander who managed Indira Gandhi. It is necessary to understand this type of murder we should go back a little in history. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai was killed on 30th December 1971 at Kovalam, in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. I talked to well informed businessmen in Thiruvananthapuram. What they told me is that there were two ladies in his room when he died. Apparently the two ladies were the assassination squad who were sent in after proper planning. Since Sarabhai has married a Keralite, it is impossible for him to have any type of affairs so openly in a public place like Kovalam. The killing of Sarabhai must have been a Pakistani operation through Dubai using their routine Syrian Christian agents of Kerala. Kerala Christian businessmen in Dubai are fronts for many Pakistani terrorist funds and they are known to arrange women from Kerala for the Pakistanis in Dubai.Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha, who is the father of the Indian nuclear program, was also killed under suspicious circumstances. At that time the Controller of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre was one E.C. Allardice. Allardice was a mix product of British and French parents. At that time, Intelligence Bureau of Home Ministry was investigating Controller Allardice for his suspicious spying activities for America’s spy agency CIA and for Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. The Joint Secretary of Department of Atomic Energy, Mr. Hadi, a Muslim who was very close to Allardice was trying to cover up and protect the entire episode. Dr. Bhabha's travel plans were supplied by Allardice to CIA and ISI and this had resulted in the plane crash that killed Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha. The latest in the political murders were Kumaramangalam and Mursoli Maran. Outwardly it looks like that they died of natural causes, living among the gulf Christian community and what was going on there, makes me suspicious that both of them were killed off because both of them were patriots, and wanted the nation to progress. The programme and policies brought by them are going to reduce the income of places like Dubai which has very low oil income and very high expenditure and depends on free trade zones, duty free shops etc. Dubai had blocked the setting up of these in India all these years with the help of Christian and Muslim bureaucrats. They finished the ministers using hospitals like the Christian owned Apollo group, which had ties with Varkey group in Dubai at one time.

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