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Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Our nation is controlled by Antonia Maino, the daughter of an Italian Fascist who came in through the backdoor. Her involvement in Bofors, smuggling of antiques from India to her Italian shops is well known. In Manmohan Singh she got the ultimate pliable PM. Manmohan is an ISI agent who permitted the opening of the ISI bank BCCI in India. Opus Dei and ISI in a combined operation killed Sankararaman and Sonia framed Kanchi Seer to defame Hindus so that christians can convert Hindus.
KANCHI CONSPIRACY BY CHRISTIANSAnd the parties called Bushmen Munnetta Kazhakam and All India Bushmen Munnetta KazhakamToday India is in a greater crisis than ever before. Our nation is controlled by Antonia Maino, the daughter of an Italian Fascist who came in through the backdoor. Her involvement in Bofors, smuggling of antiques from India to her Italian shops, are no concern to the pliable Congressmen whom she controls. In Manmohan Singh she got the ultimate pliable and controllable PM. It was Manmohan as Reserve Bank governor, who had permitted against the advice of RAW, the opening of the collapsed Pakistan’s ISI Bank also known as the cocaine bank, the ‘Bank of Credit and Commerce International’ in India in return for a paltry foreign scholarship for his daughter. Manmohan can be said as India’s first ISI linked PM. Antonia Maino is a national security threat, and she conspired with foreign agents and effected the arrest of Kanchi seer Jayendra Saraswathi. She had put christians in control of congress and the party has become the den of traitors, helpers to christian missionaries, and muslim terrorists. Coming from a nation known for its Mafia, Maino is now testing the waters in India with the most outrageous arrest of a Hindu Seer, to see how Indians are going to react. Arrest was done so meticulously from behind so that no one will see her role in it. A series of young congress leaders who could have been trouble makers for her died in very natural accidents on Sundays. BJP leaders were framed and discredited not in one but in two operations, with miniature cameras from Italian spy agency, and with the help of pliable journalists, spying christian officials of Home ministry and with funds routed via Dubai like in a terrorist operation. During the last election the church had sent volunteers in many cities for house to house vote canvassing and many church leaders openly called the christians to vote for Antonia Maino. The present arrest of the Seer is facilitated by the networking christian bureaucrats for Maino and her next Sunday victims could the leaders of parties like DMK, AIADMK, Biju Janatha Dal etc. the blame of which can be laid at the door of Hindus. Once the so called Dravidian party leaders are out, congress can take full control of Tamil Nadu.Jayalalitha the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state in India had ordered the arrest of a Hindu Seer, the Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati in a draconian manner in the night on the Hindu festival day of Dipawali the 11th of November 2004 alleging that the 71 year old Seer had murdered an ex-employee of his mutt by name Sankararaman working in another temple in Kancheepuram. The arrest of the Seer was done in such a haste to insult the Hindu majority community in India and is seen as the result of meticulous planning by the fanatic christian missionaries in India aided by some foreign spy agencies. The arrest of the Seer is seen as ordered by Antonia Maino, the Super PM of India. Seer was arrested in Andhra Pradesh to avenge the arrest of a Muslim terrorist ‘Maulana Nseeruddin’ on the night of October 31st 2004, by the Gujarat Police in Hyderabad for the murder of an ex-minister of Gujarat, Haren Pandya. Nseeruddin is the president of Tehreek Taifooz Sher-e-islam and have links with Lashkr-e-toiba (LeT). His supporters are activists of the notorious Jehad-o-Shahadat (DJS), based in Hyderabad that had trained thousands of women Jihadis for decades and was beheading Hindus. DJS was abducting people in the city bus stops, for over a year after Gujarat riots, offering free lifts, take the persons to isolated Hyderabad suburbs, lift their dhothi to make sure that they are not circumcised and indeed are Hindus, and then cut their heads off in standard Islamic fashion. Hundreds were killed like this and it came to light when one of the victims with injuries reported the crime to the police. Chandrababu Naidu hushed up the whole incident. The Seer was arrested by sending an armed group of policemen carrying assault rifles, in government planes thus violating government regulations. The police team traveled without the permission from the Director General of Civil aviation and without filing a flight plan which are mandatory. These things and secrecy of the arrest, indicates the operational clearance at the PM level. Seer was held in an operation similar to the arrest of an international terrorist to discredit Hindus. The method of arrest violated all Supreme Court guidelines and was a clear case of human right violation. The Seer could have been comfortably arrested in Chennai, but Antonia Maino wanted to show that a Hindu spiritual leader was arrested in Andhra Pradesh ruled by Congress on the Hindu holiday of Dipawali. . Full co-operation was provided in Andhra by the Christian Chief Minister Rajashekhar Reddy, who sport his Hindu name in public, by deputing another christian policeman by name B.R.Dumas who is the SP of Mehaboobnagar. For the Gujarat police team this overt help was not extended and consequently the Gujarat policemen had to fire at the attacking muslim crowd, in which one muslim was killed, before they could arrest the Muslim terrorist. Antonia Maino alias Sonia forced the Hindu Governor of Tamil Nadu to resign from his post. In his place she had posted a Sikh as the Governor of Tamil Nadu. Next Antonia Maino alias Sonia shifted the Chief Justice of Madras High Court, Subhashan Reddy to Kerala. Tamil Nadu is left without a Chief Justice and a new CJ is expected by November 2004 end. Apparently Maino might have offered the closing of the cases against Jayalalitha in return for giving the spiritual head of Hindu society on a platter. Our nation is famous for Jaichands and Jayalalitha has proved to be one now. In normal course Seer’s arrest should have been carried out only after capturing the gang leader of the hit team known as ‘Appu’, alias Krishnaswamy, a well known history sheeter and a DMK activist. Police have made no effort to track Appu or arrest him and he is said to be in USA. Appu and one of the many wives of DMK chief Karunanidhi, ‘Dayalu Ammal’ are said to be connected. When Karunanidhi was the chief minister, Appu was allotted one room in the house of Dayalu Ammal when Dayalu stayed at the Oliver road house. Appu was the henchman of the former DMK minister Arcot Veerasamy of the Karunanidhi cabinet. Appu was the uncrowned king of the rowdies of Chennai. Police claims that he was the gang leader of the team that carried out the murder. So the brain behind the murder could only be DMK, Karunanidhi and Arcot Veerasamy. Their involvement is also clear from the fact that DMK and the media controlled by it were asking as to why the government is not arresting the culprits. DMK party was organizing street protests and media coverage on Sankararaman’s murder from day one. The murder occurred in September and in the normal course, it takes months and years to complete an investigation in India. There are hundreds of murders in Tamil Nadu every month and a party like DMK’s insistence on the arrest of murder culprits of an insignificant Hindu temple employee is very surprising. Sankararaman had written letters saying that if ever he is murdered, it will be by Kanchi Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswati. Apparently DMK chief or some one had seen an opportunity to fix AIADMK and its supremo Jayalalitha and weaken her political base with a single murder. The main policeman who investigated the crime is very close to Karunanidhi and it is not surprising that the effort of police was concentrated in framing the Seer from the beginning. The police have not even questioned Karunanidhi, his wife Dayalu, or Arcot Veerasamy to find out the whereabouts of Appu. The selection of christians and crypto christians for the investigation and prosecution is seen in this case. (Crypto christians are those who on government record remains as Hindu for the reservation benefit, but they are converted to christianity for generations. An example is the case of Ajit Jogi. Even students who get reservation seats in all IITs fall in this category of Christian fraud) The super secret way the flight plan for the armed policemen was cleared by the Prime Minister, etc, all points to a conspiracy hatched by the christians, congress chief Antonia Maino alias Sonia, and Karunanidhi. External agencies funded the operation and provided safe hideout for the gang leader Appu in USA. Once the utility of DMK is over in this conspiracy, and in the absence of Karunanidhi, Congress will blame Karunanidhi and take over the DMK cadre. Jayalalitha’s AIADMK is out of public favor if the last parliamentary election is an indication.The very nature of the murder of Sankararaman was for fixing the Seer. The modus operandi adopted was to kill Sankararaman is revealing. Murder was in broad daylight to create maximum sensation. If the murder was a revenge killing to eliminate the nuisance value it would have been done very discreetly and without leaving any evidence by the Appu alias Krishnaswamy and his assistant by name Chinna alias Rajni whom the police claim as the professional killers who committed the murder. Both Appu and Chinna are at large. But when DMK chief Karunanidhi and Antonia Maino alias Sonia put pressure on Jayalalitha for the arrest of Seer, Jayalalitha’s trusted policemen had booked another Rajni, a small time offender and tortured him to confess to the crime. The police showed some Rupee bundles issued by the ICICI bank, and claimed that it was the money paid by the Seer for the murder. Later when the Kanchi Mutt made public statement that they had no bank account with ICICI, the police was in a fix and they are looking for all devotees living in and around Kancheepuram, who had ICICI bank account. One basic question anyone will ask is about the type of policemen of Tamil Nadu. Are these policemen. are so corrupt that they are worse than criminals?. The answer is yes. One Senior christian IPS man, when fully drunk claimed that one of his duty was to procure college girls for Jayalalitha as Jayalalitha is a lesbian. This revelation came in a Dubai party hosted by the Keralite christian Sunny Varkey of our own English high schools fame,. It is looking like DMK and AIADMK are vying with each other to please the anti-national catholic Antonia Maino by fixing the Hindu Seer on a Dipawali. This is like arresting Shahi Imam on Id-ul-fitr or Pope on a Christmas day. Putting the Seer in Vellore jail which is a well known christian centre is at the orders of Antonia Maino to insult further the Hindu community. Jayalalitha wants to join the Congress coalition in the next election to retain her power. Out of power she could permanently inside the smelly prison of Chennai.K Premkumar, Superintendent of Police of Kancheepuram was transferred to Cuddalore as SP on 2 September, 2004. Sankararaman was murdered on 3rd September, 2004. A Christian by name S. Davidson Devasirvatham was posted at Kancheepuram as the Superintendent of Police. Five men went to Kancheepuram Varadarajaswamy temple and stabbed Sankararaman at around 5.30 pm, but two clerks Ganesh and Duraikannan, sitting in the same room, when murder was going on, claim that they shut their eyes and did not see the faces of any of the murderers. Davidson Devasirvatham investigated and implicated Seer in the crime. K.Doraiswamy who is a Christian was the Public Prosecutor and he calls the Seer a “CRIMINAL" even before the trial. He argued against providing pooja facilities to the Seer. Public Prosecutor christian K Doraisamy also said that he was embarrassed by the presence of a former Madras High Court judge T S Arunachalam in the court during the initial hearing. A christian advocate Senthil Kumar, opposing the grant of bail to Seer filed a petition alleging that the Shankaracharya, if released on bail, might harass witnesses. He was also one of the rowdies that attacked the Hindu protesters at the court. Another christian advocate ‘Wilfred Prakash filed a frivolous habeas corpus writ petition in the Madras high court seeking the release of Seer. Many christian advocates of Chennai High court demonstrated with placards decrying the murder as well as demanding the closure of the 2000 year old Hindu Mutt. All these indicated a massive christian planning behind the murder and the arrest of Seer. The christian lawyers of Madras High court shouted slogans against granting bail to the Seer. It was not long ago that a Judicial officer had issued an arrest warrant against the Indian president A.P.J.Abdul Kalam after accepting bribe. The demonstration by the Chennai christian lawyers against the granting of bail to the Seer, speaks volumes of the level to which the legal profession has gone down in India. The anti Shankaracharya christian lawyer protesters along with the Christian NGOs attacked the Hindu activists who were protesting the arrest of the Seer. Many were hurt in that incident. On talking to constables outside Vellore jail it was gathered that policemen had come drunk in celebration of the arrest of Seer. They misbehaved with the Seer and one constable said that the officials in the name of interrogation made fun of Seer and asked him if he would share their chicken curry. According to some constables the Shankaracharya was silent throughout and has not talked anything. The police officials partied by drinking that night. Late in the night one of the senior policemen slapped the Seer repeatedly asking the Seer to confess the crime. On 19th November 2004, the Magistrate in Kancheepuram, G.Uthamaraj remanded the Seer for three days in Police custody for the custodial torture. Kathiravan and Rajni were brought to the Kancheepuram magistrate’s court for extending their judicial remand on November 24. What they told the court reads like that is reported in military dictatorships, like illegal confinement for 9 days for the Kathiravan, brutal torture, getting signature on blank sheets for manufacturing evidence by the christian public prosecutor along with the christian policemen. It is very difficult to imagine that this can happen in a state ruled by a Brahmin lady who herself was tortured in jail. (This reminds me of the innocent Brahmin girls from Antop Hill area of Mumbai who in their need to better the life style was willing to do anything. These were later ended up as part time prostitutes of Arabs in the Gulf). The prosecution case has collapsed after the two key witnesses have stated in open court that they were kept in solitary confinement and tortured until they signed blank sheets of paper that were later turned into confessional statements. With this retraction of the charges made against the Kanchi Seer by two key witnesses, Jayalalitha within two days hurriedly shuffled the police personal to avoid embarrassment. As ordered by Antonia Maino, she even upgraded the post of Chief of Tamil Nadu Intelligence wing from Asst DGP to DGP, promoted and posted a christian A.X.Alexander who was shunted out by her in 2001, so that Antonio Maino can keep an eye on Tamil Nadu. In his truthful and the cutting edge analysis the well known Shri. S.Gurumurthy had laid open the helplessness of the peace loving Hindu community, which is being targeted by inimical forces in the governments and media, and says that only funeral is left for the arrest episode. Janata Party president Dr Subramaniam Swamy has said that the arrest and remand of Kanchi seer Jayendra Saraswathi was "clearly premature". He later stated that Antonia Maino had had conspired with external agencies and put pressure on Jayalalitha, who is vulnerable because of the court cases against her on corruption charges, to destroy the Kanchi Mutt. This is part of the Christian missionary agenda. The churches are sore that the Kanchi Shankaracharya has been successful in starting schools and building temples in Dalit areas coveted by the missionaries for their conversion activities. One sees the position of Jayalalitha as similar to that of beauty queens, be it in Jammu or in Kerala, where they were video taped having sex, and with that they were blackmailed to become part of a sex racket serving VVIPs. In Kerala such a victim was poisoned to death in the hospital recently, and in the case of Jayalalitha, only time can reveal her fate.There was an earlier murder attempt on two devotees, before the Sankararaman’s murder. In that attempt both the devotees, Madhavan and S.Radhakrishnan survived the murder attempt. Conveniently the police never cracked the case even though they claim now that it was carried out by the same Appu gang. Had that murder attempt was successful the Seer would have been framed for their murder earlier. It was well known that the police never bothered to crack this case earlier as that attempt did not result in death. New arrest warrant was issued against the Seer on this murder attempt to trap him in the notorious anti people legal system of India, by Jayalalitha.The arrest of the Seer is unforgivable affront to the Hindu community. .Hindus are not violent like muslims and not networked or funded by external agencies like christians These alien religions want to convert the whole of India. The small differences among the Hindus are utilized by these external and foreign religions, christianity and islam. This is the reason for centuries of subjugation of Hindus by small groups of violent foreigners. The imprisonment of Seer on murder charges, and his police custody was to manufacture evidence and insult Hindus. The anti Hindu media funded by muslim and christian nations had convicted the Seer. Today power brokers are prostitutes, film actors and actresses, pimps, thieves, mass murderers, fake currency and fake stamp paper printers, muslim terrorists etc. Even Judges like J.P.Singh had to ask the help of notorious terrorist Dawood Ibrahim to collect back the amounts due to him.Jayalalitha the film actress turned politician who came up from the casting couch of yesteryear tamil film world, was elected to power by the film crazy tamilians. She is the symbol of corruption goddess if the court cases against her are any indication. It is rumored that she had paid Rs 10 crore to the judge to get a favorable verdict in one of the cases against her. Supreme court had ordered the transfer of cases pending against her out of Tamil Nadu to prevent such influence. When Karunanidhi was in power in 1996, his policemen had arrested Jayalalitha, systematically tortured and lodged her in a stinking cell of Chennai Central Jail. Jayalalitha when in power retaliated in 2001 by arresting 78 year old Karunanidhi shortly after midnight, and tortured him. Union Commerce Minister Murasoli Maran was injured and was taken to the police station. Murasoli Maran was later admitted to the Apollo Hospital and eventually passed away. The inactive BJP PM of that time did not have the guts to dismiss Jayalalitha government nor was able to even transfer three policemen who tortured the central ministers as demanded by the DMK. That eventually led to the parting of ways between ruling partner DMK with BJP and cost dearly for BJP when it lost the last parliamentary election. (One of the cops in that was a muslim Mohamed Ali and the present UPA government had arrested him for his involvement in the Rs 60000 crore fake stamp paper scam run by Telgi.). With more vigor Jayalalitha over reached herself and arrested in her characteristic fashion, the Hindu Seer who is the symbol of Hindu religion DMK appears to have some kind of role in the murder of Sankararaman. The Justice Jain Commission, which investigated the conspiracy behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, in its interim report, stated that Karunanidhi, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during 1989-91, had links with the assassins. DMK was seen forcing this issue of murder of Sankararaman. Only future can tell us, as to where these events can lead the destinies of Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, and Antonia Maino who are the principal actors in the Seer’s arrest. Tamil politicians are from film world and their low background, lack of education and inferiority complex reflect on what is going on in Tamil Nadu politics today. The present arrest of Seer is the result of a filmy type plot, with external funding and organized with the help of christian bureaucrats in Chennai. (One is forced to remember the case of Mathew of Home ministry who was spying for Tehelka, charge sheeted by CBI, but rehabilitated now by Antonia Maino). Tamil Nadu policemen are known for custodial rape, abduction and rape and corruption and a bunch of them currently are being investigated by CBI for abduction and rape of a woman ‘Sivakasi Jayalakshmi”. As per reports she was even taken to Paneer Selvam who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu lawyers are still worse and are like N.Guhan and Namo Narayan who on 16th Nov 2004 tried to rape a 45 year old woman in the Chennai High court complex. The Police force and the judiciary will do anything for Jayalalitha. Where will this arrest episode will lead? The conspirators have achieved their end result. Next they will blame Karunanidhi and kill him in one of the natural accidents available for those against Antonia Maino, executed by the Italian mafia. Most likely Karunanidhi will die in a corporate hospital of old age. This reminds us the case of Kumaramangalam when he was in Apollo hospital At that time many felt that he is going to be killed there, as he brought in policies that were not liked by some foreign nations. And Apollo had some dubious connections in Dubai. Apollo Varkey hospital, (later named as Welcare Hospital) was Apollo’s joint venture with the Kerala christian Sunny Varkey. Varkey partly owns the Welcare hospital and is an ISI front man under investigation by RAW. So I wrote in the newspapers for shifting Kumaramangalam from Apollo. Kumaramangalam and Maran are two patriots killed off with the help of hospitals in not very apparent fashion. Next Karunanidhi may follow the same route The Seer arrest is similar to the ISRO spy case initiated by CIA with the help of Christian policemen of Kerala state in India. In this two space scientists were accused of spying, arrested and tortured to fabricate evidence. This was to stop India developing the Cryogenic motor for the space rockets. It is time that Hindus should unite to stop the christian menace in India. The arrest may even have something to do with the Joshua project which is aimed at total conversion of the world to Christianity. (http://www.joshuaproject.net/), (http://dailypioneer.com/indexn12.asp?main_variable=OPED&file_name=opd3%2Etxt&counter_img=3 ). If Christian church and the Italian spy agency can plant a waitress in front of an impressionable young Rajiv and get her married to him to reach one of the ruling families of India, and can totally control India now by her proxy nominees, the present conspiracy to jail the symbol of Hindu culture is child’s play. The Seer cannot pay the reported amount of Rs 40 lakh to the hired killers and it is very clear that the money have come from external sources. This also reminds us about the Tehelka expose of BJP leaders using miniature spy camera supplied by Italian spy agencies and funded through Christians living in Dubai. Cyanide Prem Kumar and casting coach Jayalalitha- a beautiful pairThe murder of former mutt official Sankaramanan, is out of a typial Tamil movie story. The most startling fact is that the murder investigating officer, Prem Kumar had gone to Tirupati and on the way stayed at the house of prime murder accused Appu alias Krishnaswamy on 3rd September, 2004, the day Sankararaman was murdered.Jayalalitha the yesteryear film actress who inherited the political party AIADMK by being the consort of its leader M.G.Ramachandran. For her political future she had organized the murder of Sankaramanan and had used the policeman the ‘Cyanide Premkumar, to trap the Hindu Seer ‘Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi’. Earlier Jayalalitha used another policeman Mohammed Ali for physically lifting and arresting her enemy the DMK chief Karunanidhi in a midnight operation. Mohammed Ali was later arrested by CBI for his involvement in the 60000 crore fake stamp paper scam.There is a link between the prostitute who came up from the casting coach to the CM and these violent thugs who are the present policemen of Tamil Nadu. Earlier Jayalalitha was put in jail and tortured her using these very same policemen, by Karunanidhi, when Karunanidhi was the chief minister of the Tamil Nadu state. Our police force being criminals in uniform, what is going on in Chennai will not surprise anyone. Judiciary is bunch of the most corrupt creeps of this land and ready to issue an arrest warrant even against our president in return for money. Judges like J.P.Singh get the assistance of the terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. A nexus of totally criminalized politicians, police, judges are ruling our nation and the net result is lack of justice to the ordinary guys.K.Premkumar is now posted as the SP of Kancheepuram and is put in charge of the Sankaramanan, murder case. One can remember the appointment of a policeman Sunil in Kerala, for investigating the sex racket run by the muslim league minister, ‘Ice cream Kunjalikutty’, in Kerala. Sunil himself was involved in three sex rackets and entrusting such a case with Sunil was like giving the key to the thief. The list of VIPs who raped the Kiliroor sex victim as told in her death declaration did not find in the list of documents Sunil submitted to the court. Like wise appointing Premkumar who has two prosecutions for torture and criminal assaults against him is more looking like that Jayalalitha is trying to manufacture evidence by torture, and the Sankararaman murder could have some connection to Premkumar himself. The prosecution recommended against Premkumar by the Director General of Police is pending with Jayalalitha since last year. . Within a few years of having joined the service, Prem Kumar was named in a series of criminal cases. In one case he has even been convicted, but he appealed against the court verdict. In Tamil Nadu Prem Kumar is known as 'Cyanide Prem Kumar' because of his reputation for drugging and threatening the accused. .The 'disturbing' past record of this investigating officer includes campaigning for an AIADMK candidates. .Prem Kumar was suspended by the CHIEF ELECTION COMMISSIONER for campaigning for an AIADMK candidate during the 2004 Lok Sabha polls. But he was reinstated as SP, Cuddalore, after the polls. It is obvious that here is a man who can go to any extent to please a political party. Even now he is embroiled in many cases This kind of record for 'Cyanide Prem Kumar' heading the investigation in the cases against the Sankaracharya, shows that investigation into the murder case is a conspiracy and that a false case has been fabricated against Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi.http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IEL20041126010706&Title=B+R+E+A+K+I+N+G++++N+E+W+S&Topic=337&December 6, 2004Kancheepuram SP transferred, Prem Kumar brought inFriday November 26 2004 14:02 IST PTICHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu government has replaced Kancheepuram Superintendent of Police, S Davidson Devasirvatham by Cuddalore SP K Premkumar, who heads the Special Investigation Team in the Kanchi Mutt case, and said the latter would continue to lead the SIT probe.http://www.newindpress.com/Newsitems.asp?ID=IET20041203122250&Title=Southern+News+%2D+Tamil+Nadu&Topic=0&SOUTHERN NEWS - TAMIL NADU December 4, 2004He had stripped and molested nuns; now he heads seer’s caseSaturday December 4 2004 00:00 IST CHENNAI: ‘‘The petitioner has no regard for law or truth. The role played by the police officers in this case would make this court think that these officers have behaved like barbarians without giving any respect to human dignity, that too with the ladies. “It would be shameful to find that a person like the petitioner has been allowed to work in the police department.’’ The petitioner so denounced was none other than Superintendent of Police K Premkumar, the crusading officer from Kancheepuram. From the time he was a sub-inspector in Madurai in the eighties, through his days as Deputy Superintendent of Police to the late nineties when he was promoted to the post of Superintendent of Police, Premkumar has had little patience for the rulebook and his high-handedness has shocked his superiors time and again, say insiders. His beginnings were appropriately ominous. When he was only a sub-inspector in Vadipatti in Madurai district he took upon himself the job of evicting a tenant of a fellow policeman. The ex-serviceman tenant, Nallakaman, only wanted the advance of Rs 5,000 he had made returned. The money was not coming and so Nallakaman decided to dig in his heels. But he had failed to take into account Premkumar’s interest in the case and had to pay for his costly mistake. On February 1, 1982 Nallakaman, his wife and son were beaten up at the Vadipatti police station by Premkumar and his colleagues. The head of the family was then handcuffed and paraded in the streets and dragged to the Vadipatti bus stand.To top it all, a criminal case was registered against the hapless Nallakaman on charges, including attempt to murder. Public outcry followed, an RDO inquiry was ordered and the report confirmed all the allegations. Finally, the Usilampatti RDO filed a criminal complaint against Premkumar and three others. Premkumar himself was placed under suspension. Meantime, the case filed against Nallakaman, the one filed by the RDO against Premkumar and a private complaint preferred by Nallakaman himself dragged on in the Madurai District Sessions Court. Interestingly, Premkumar took the Group-I services examination during the period, emerged successful and was appointed Deputy Superintendent of Police. At one stage, he was also successful in having the Madurai proceedings quashed by the Madras High Court, but the Supreme Court reversed the ruling and directed that all the three cases be tried together and disposed of by March 31, 1995. Premkumar moved up the ladder fast, nevertheless. As Superintendent of Police, he was perhaps unhappy that he should be bothered by the likes of Nallakaman and moved the Madras High Court to quash the proceedings against him, but it was his petition that was dismissed with costs.While Premkumar had alleged that Nallakaman was stalling the trial, Justice Karpagavinayagam held that the cases had indeed been stalled by Premkumar and the other accused policemen and that the officer had shown disrespect to the Supreme Court and the High Court. The judge noted that the Madurai court had issued as many as 13 non-bailable warrants against Premkumar between September 1995 and March 2000, but none of them was executed. The judge also expressed dismay that the police officer should have ‘‘disrobed the saree of the woman teacher (Nallakaman’s wife) at the police station and attempted to remove her thali (mangalya sutra).’’The judge went on to wonder how Premkumar came to be promoted so rapidly when his first appointment as DSP itself was temporary and subject to the issue of the Madurai trial. But Premkumar seems to be having the last laugh now, emerging as a dashing officer who does not flinch before the might of a prestigious mutt.If in June 2002, Justice Karpagavinayagam was appalled by what Premkumar had done as a sub-inspector at Vadipatti, more revelations were to follow barely four months later. John Joseph, a Christian priest of Marthandam in Kanyakumari district and a key accused in the Gilbert Raj murder case, moved the High Court against the brutal treatment meted out to him and two other co-accused, Sister Wiselin Femina Rose and Sister Sahayarani Jeyamary. The priest had been brutally beaten up and the sisters stripped and molested by Premkumar and another DSP Panneerselvam.Directing a CB-CID inquiry into the allegations, the judge recorded in ghastly detail the testimonies of the two sisters: ‘‘Premkumar, DSP, came near Sahayarani and removed her saree and petticoat and threw them at the corner of the room. Then he also tore the blouse and pulled her breasts. Premkumar, DSP, took his lathi and fisted on her stomach as well as on her private parts. At the same time, Panneerselvam, DSP, similarly removed the saree of Femina Rose. After tearing the blouse, he pulled her breast and fisted on the chest with lathi. Joseph John and Gnanakan, father of Femina Rose (who were also present) prostrated before Premkumar, DSP, and Panneerselvam, DSP, requesting them not to outrage the modesty of the ladies. They also said that they would give any statement as they dictated...’’ Premkumar was pardoned under the Probationary Offenders Act in the Nallakaman case by the Madurai Sessions Court, in effect holding him guilty. But in the Kanyakumari case, no attempts seem to have been made by the CB-CID to launch prosecution against him despite a division Bench of the High Court and the Supreme Court upholding the single judge’s order.ConclusionThe first thing one will notice in Chennai, is the shabbily dressed average Tamilians. The fast moving item in shops appears to be the ‘Fair and Lovely’ cream with which they want to make themselves fair. Tamilians look at those with fair skin with envy mixed with animosity and think all white skinned persons are Aryans who invaded their nation called Tamil Nadu. Christian missionaries had taught this fallacy in English medium schools so that they can convert the Tamils to their fold which appears to be a great success. The first unpleasant encounter of a visitor to Chennai is the polluting auto rickshaw run without engaging its fare meter. Lawlessness appears to be total. Well known brands of mineral water like Bisleri, Aqafina, or Kinley are duplicate. These are being manufactured in Chennai basement RO plants. Large number of policemen are always taking free food in the Saravana Hotels and going away with free parcels in their hand. On talking with waiters, I had gathered that on a daily basis this hotel chain alone is incurring a loss of Rs 20,000/ for free feeding the policemen. Even for the police commissioner, the policemen collect free food from the hotel. Saravana Hotel owner is a murderer and was sent to jail after the court found him guilty and the police department thinks that it is their birthright to collect Hafta in this manner from every one put inside the prison. Land mafia had encroached public land everywhere with massive tampering of records are reported periodically. Temple land is being targeted regularly by the goondas of DMK, and AIADMK. Civic administration in the city of Chennai is not felt or seen by the public. Life appears to be revolving around the arrival of water tankers carrying water of dubious quality. Every Chennaite is forced to buy mineral water manufactured without any control in basement factories run by water mafia. The city roads are damaged extensively and are always very dirty. Foot paths are totally damaged or taken over by venders in all residential areas. Even the government run liquor shops are charging more money for the bottles than its listed price and dispense liquor loosely as well. Almost all shops run a liquor room for the poor drinkers and make some extra money for themselves. Child labour is everywhere and working hours are from 9AM to 9PM. workers are paid very poorly. Tamilians are the most meek and underpaid workers in India. Due to lack of proper nutrition a form of ‘Island dwarfing’ had taken over the Tamilians. In areas like ‘Ritchie street’ cone speakers from muslim prayer rooms blast the ears of the visitors to that area on hourly basis. Islamic terrorism’s first cell in India was in Tamil Nadu started by a Palestinian student. Even as recently as October 28th 2004 police had arrested 15 muslim extremists in Nellikuppam, that included 3 women from an outfit called ‘Manitha Needhi Pasaral’ (MNP). MNP has branches in many places in India and is in touch with other muslim terrorist groups outside India. Chennai was the guinea pig for the foolish and ill thought conditional access system because of which the average Tamilians cannot see the most popular Hindi serials or English movie channels.The arrest of Seer is an effort to corner the ill informed Tamilian’s votes. Educated Tamils have migrated outside the state leaving the control of the state in the hands of rowdies, actors, and opportunists. It is necessary to look at the genetic background of Tamils as they call themselves as Dravidians. Mitochondrial DNA studies have shown that the Tamilian genes are 60% identical to that of Australian aborigines that shows the original migration of our forefathers from Africa some 45,000 years ago to Tamil Nadu and Australia. Because of the close relative marriage system prevalent in Tamil Nadu, Tamils ended as a pure genetic group. About 71 million years back, the Indian land mass moved toward the Eurasian plate at the rate of 6cm per year. 10 million years ago Indian land mass started pushing the Eurasian land mass creating the Himalayas at the rate of 1cm height every year. The Indian plate movements at the rate of 6cm per year caused many rivers like Saraswathi to disappear resulting in internal migrations in the Indian land mass. The original African communities that settled in Tamil Nadu remained a pure genetic group like the Australian aborigines while other communities in Indian land mass intermingled and married. So the Tamilians think that they are a community called Dravidians. Scientifically the original forefathers of human race with pure genetic markers are in Southern Africa, once known as Hottentots and Bushmen. Ethiopians, Sudanese, and Khoisan people living in southern Africa are also close to our original Hottentots and Bushmen. All physical difference of humans at present is only due to environmental adaptations. Millions of years in to the future, due to the continental movement only Tamil Nadu will be left in the Indian land mass. Then Tamil Nadu can be renamed as Dravidian India or Bushmen country. Because of this genetic isolation Tamilians have developed a huge inferiority complex. Even one central minister from Tamil Nadu, ‘T.R. Balu’ says he is ashamed to be a Hindu. This may be due to his genetic closeness to the Australian aborigines or the Bushmen of Africa. Tamilians should call themselves as Bushmen after their genetic closeness to our original grandfathers which in my opinion is going back to the roots and a proud thing. It will be interesting if Tamils take this up and rename the DMK and AIADMK as Bushmen Munnetta Kazhakam and All India Bushmen Munnetta Kazhakam. ISRO SPY CASE CREATED BY CIAThe fabricated ISRO spy case by the Kerala police and IB, started in November 1994 and it alleged that two ugly Maldivian women, spied on behalf of the ISI. Two ISRO scientists D Sasi Kumaran and S Nambi Narayanan were allegedly selling space secrets for the money and sex these women offered. Supreme Court not only acquitted the scientists by also ordered adequate compensation to be paid to them. Everybody knew the spy case was fabricated but why and which antinational interests were working in India behind the scenes was only speculation so far. Now more light is thrown in to it by a book by Brian Harvey titled ‘Russia in Space: The Failed Frontier?’ http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1852332034/103-2693672-2975853?v=glance Clues are available that this spy case was foisted by American spies operating in India to stall the development of cryogenic engines by ISRO. USA had asked Russia not to hand over the cryogenic engine technology to India. Even though Russia agreed to it and promised US that they will give only readymade rocket motors to India excluding the technology, they secretly handed over the information to the ISRO scientists D Sasi Kumaran and S Nambi Narayanan who brought it to India. During congress rule in Kerala, the spy case was foisted on the two ISRO scientists, D Sasi Kumaran and S Nambi Narayanan. They were arrested, kept naked in custody and routinely tortured in inhuman ways by Kerala Police's Special Investigation Team headed by Sibi Mathew, a Christian IPS officer who conducted the initial inquiry in to the spy case. Media frenzy was created by the media mostly controlled by the Christians. The case also had a link to the intelligence bureau chief, M Dhar who was later sacked and surprisingly he then joined the congress party. The mass hysteria created by the Christian media forced the chief minister K.Karunakaran to resign and handover the chief minister-ship to A.K. Anthony on February 27, 1995. In our childhood days we had seen a similar media hysteria created by the church when church organized the agitation against the first elected communist government of Kerala with US funding that resulted in the dismissal of communist Kerala government on 31st July 1959. A futile attempt was made by CBI under Vijaya Rama Rao to frame these two ISRO scientists by foisting a case of disproportionate assets, that they made money by selling Indian space secrets. It only showed that even CBI might have been penetrated by CIA. The Supreme Court squashed strongly another attempt by Kerala government, to reopen the ISRO spy case.The American plot that created the false spy case had the decided result of delaying the development of the powerful cryogenic engines as per my BARC batch mates who had joined ISRO in the late sixties. The penetration of Kerala police by CIA and other agencies needs to be investigated further. The postponement of the planned 1995 nuclear explosion and the ISRO spy case etc leaves a shadow of suspicion on the employment of Christians in these sensitive projects as it is well known that the CIA now even use priests and missionaries for spying in India. Late sixties onwards, we used to have navel scientists joining BARC training school for developing the nuclear submarine programme which our enemies wanted to sabotage. So I was not surprised about the r spy case, when a naval scientist Subba Rao was arrested at the airport, saying that his PhD thesis document were secret submarine document that he was trying to smuggle. Presence of christians in very sensitive project makes it easy for CIA to spy on us through the christian missionaries. The postponement of the planned 1995 nuclear explosion and the ISRO spy case are some of the examples. Congress party itself is now taken over by the christians and the party now appears to be more dangerous to India than from the ISI of Pakistan. The clout of Sonia Gandhi is so pervasive that recently one judge had cleared Rajiv of Bofors bribe and reportedly that judge's name was found in the panel for appointment by the Congress government of Delhi after his retirement. It looks like the media is silent on Sonia's background and a fear factor cannot be ruled out as all those congressmen who could be a threat to Sonia's leadership were killed on Sundays in very natural accidents. In any other democracy we would have known the truth at least about the education of the leader of opposition. Under Sonia the congress has become a party of Christians and it is evident in the large number of Christians in the top ranks of the congress party which had prompted many congressmen to complain about it few years back. What the public would like to have is a white paper on the mysterious Sonia alias Antonia Maino, from the Congress Party. __________________________________More on this http://www.indianexpress.com/ie/daily/20010319/ian19044.html http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl1510/15101140.htm http://www.rediff.com/news/2001/mar/17inter1.htm Nambinarayanan, a senior scientist of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), was one among seven others who were ‘‘accused’’ in the ISRO spy case in 1994, which devastated their lives and careers. Others included two Maldivian women, Mariam Rasheeda and Fauzia Hassan, senior scientist D. Sasikumaran, trade representative of a Russian space agency K. Chandrasekharan, his friend a Bangalore-based contractor S.K. Sharma, and the IPS officer Raman Srivastva. The NHRC order says, ‘‘... this is an unusual case of gross violation of human rights of a reputed scientist whose long and distinguished career in space research has been tarnished apart from the physical and mental torture to which he and his family were subjected... It is difficult to assess in precise terms the monetary compensation to which he is entitled,’’ the order says. Significantly, the closure report of the CBI which was looking into the case in 1996 talks of the custodial torture that Nambinarayanan got during interrogation. When a doctor checked him, according to the CBI report, ‘‘Nambinarayanan’s legs were swollen with multiple hemorrhage rashes on both the legs... He (the doctor) also observed that Nambinarayanan was looking exhausted and tired. He stated before the CBI that he was not allowed to sleep for two days and was kept standing.’’ The closure report also said the standard of living of Nambinarayanan who is very senior scientist and ‘‘has made a great contribution in the development of Vikas Engine’’ is very modest for his rank. The CBI report further says, ‘‘Investigation has established that the accused persons including Rasheeda, Nambinarayanan and Chandrasekhar were harassed and physically abused.’’ Former president of People’s Union for Civil Liberty and former Chief Justice, Delhi High Court, Rajinder Sachhar said ‘‘by awarding the interim relief the NHRC has rightly tried to reduce the rigor of a person whose reputation has been tarnished because of a false case.’’ On whether the Kerala Government would implement the NHRC directions which are only recommendations, he said, ‘‘No occasion has risen till now where the states have not followed the directions of the NHRC. In case they do not, then the NHRC can move the court and get a direction to the effect.’’ Senior Human Rights advocate, Kamini Jaiswal says, ‘‘it would be decent on the state government to follow the directions of the NHRC and award the relief to Nambinarayanan. The directions certainly have a moral binding on a state.’ The controversy started in October 1994 when at the instance of Circle Inspector S. Vijayan of Kerala Police at Thiruvananthapuram, a criminal case of espionage for offences under the Indian Official Secret Act, 1923, was initiated in which Nambinarayanan was implicated. On November 30, 1994 he was arrested by the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Vigilance), Jogesh. On December 1, 1994, he was produced before the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Thiruvananthapuram for remand up to December 9. Nambinarayanan was handed over to officers of the Intelligence Bureau who interrogated him till December 5, 1994. During which he alleged he was illegally detained and tortured in custody by officials of the Kerala Police and Intelligence Bureau. Nambinarayanan had alleged the involvement of the Inspector General of Police (Crimes) of Kerala Police Sibi Mathew, Joint Directors Mathew John and R.B. Srikumar of IB. He had blamed them for ‘‘illegal detention and gross violation of human rights.’’ On December 2, 1994, the Kerala Government handed over the investigation to Central Bureau of Investigation. On December 9, 1994, Nambinarayanan was produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ernakulam and was remanded to CBI custody till December 24 where he is interrogated again. On January 19, 1995, Nambinarayanan got bail from Kerala High Court. In a shocking development, on April 13, 1996, the CBI’s investigation report to the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM), Ernakulam concluded, ‘‘To sum up, in view of the evidence on record oral as well as documentary, as discussed above, the allegations of espionage are not proved and have been found to be false.’ On May 2, 1996, discharging Nambinarayanan, CJM, Ernakulam, says, ‘‘I agree with the report that the allegations of espionage are not proved and have been found to be false in investigation.’’On November 27, 1996, the Kerala High Court dismissed the petition for revision sought by Inspector Vijayan. However, taking the case back from the CBI, the Kerala Government gave it to the Kerala Police issuing notification that there would be ‘further investigation.’ This was challenged in the Supreme Court by Nambinarayanan. On April 29, 1998, the Supreme Court quashed the notification directing ‘further investigation’ into the case by Kerala Police and passed strictures against the Kerala Government.The Supreme Court also awarded Rs 1 lakh to each of the appellants to be paid by the Kerala Government. The court judgment said, ‘‘...the notification issued withdrawing the consent to enable the state police to further investigate into the case is patently invalid and unsustainable in law.’’ The court also said, that notification for further investigation ‘‘does not comfort with the known pattern of a responsible Government bound by rule of law. This is undoubtedly a matter of concern and consternation.’’ On October 14, 1998, Nambinarayanan complained to the NHRC of gross violation of human rights and sought compensation. On September 6, 1999, the NHRC directed Union Home Secretary, Director IB, Chief Secretary and DGP, Kerala, to submit a compliance report on action taken against guilty officers. Then on August 29, 2000, the IB informed the NHRC that charge sheets have been issued by Ministry of Home Affairs to nine IB personnel.We have a very ambitious space programme with some huge commercial potential. Western nations don’t want us to progress in these fields. So we had to be extra careful. Yet on 14th February 2004, 29 critical titanium alloy rings were reportedly stolen from ISRO liquid system propulsion centre and on 23rd February at the Satish Dhawan Space Center (SHAR), at Sriharikota, in the solid propellant plant, there was a huge blast that left 6 dead. Strangely a Bangalore city based Astrological Magazine had predicted the Sriharikota blast in its Jan 2004 issue which stated that ‘a fiery accident could make the labour of many months and crores of rupees literally go up in smoke’. It also said that there could be a threat of sabotage to the Indian space programmes. Bangalore newspapers dated 3-3-04 reported about this. In view of the national importance of our space programme, the Government of India should appoint a commission to investigate the ISRO spy case to identify the penetration of foreign spies and to eliminate the industrial espionage that may be going on in India.__________________Nambinarayanan has found the light at the end of the tunnel. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on March 14 ordered that the Kerala Government pay him Rs 10 lakh as compensation for the gross human rights violations, including custodial torture that Nambinarayanan suffered at the hands of the investigating agencies. ate: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 18:55:50 +0530 Printer Friendly Version From: blogsadmin@sify.com To: sifybharat@sify.com Subject: Comment posted for your blog entry Hello sifybharat,A comment has been posted to your blog !The Blog : KANCHI CONSPIRACY---------------------------------------------------------For the entry: KANCHI CONSPIRACY and Bushmen Munnetta Kazhakam and All India Bushmen Munnetta Kazhakam Comment posted by : lavish163 There a sane people, there are nutcases and there would be you, so it seems. Did you ever stop and think for a minute when you wrote all this? First Sonia Gandhi - Here, I can only say that I did not want her to be PM and I did not like her Party winning the Election. I have nothing against her personally - If she is linked to the ISI, then prove it and then let the Law take its course (though you seem to have little faith in the Law).Second, the arrest of the Seer - I\'m a Brahmin, and I dont like the fact that the seer was arrested and I hate the people who\'re championing his arrest as a victory for Anti-Brahminism. But if he did commit the crime, then as the saying goes, he must do the time. Again, your faith in the Indian Police seems to be so low that you might not believe anything they say. I dont think the Seer is guilty (though he has confessed to the crime) and I hope for a day when he is proved Innocent so that the b******* at the DMK can wipe the smile off their faces. But if he is proved guilty instead, then he must go to jail - No one, especially a person of such responsibility, is above the law. If you think the seer cannot pay that kind of money, you have little idea of how much money the Mutt makes annually.Third, your silly errors - The way you have written the part of your blog about Karunanidhi\'s arrest makes it sound as if Maran died becuase of what happened to him on the night of the arrest. That\'s absolute rubbish. Karunanidhi was arrested on 7th August 2001. Maran died on the 23rd of November 2003. There is no connection between the two incidents. You ought to correct that. Morever, after all your criticism of the DMK, you call Maran a Patriot. That\'s hypocrisy on your part. Besides, if Maran was a Patriot, ever single freedom fighter will be turning in his grave (this is my Opinion and I\'m entitled to it because of a line in the constitution that garuntees everybody Freedom of Speech and Expression).Fourthly, your atrocious crticism of Tamilians - First of all, while you more than entitled to your point of view as to how Women dress, it is none of your business to pass judgement on them, even if you are a Tamilian yourself. This is because, as I stated above, everybody has Freedom of Expression, and you dont have a god-given right to descend upon us and preach - It would make you nothing better than the christian missionaries you love to hate. Think about that. I dont think you\'ve ever lived in Chennai - You talk as if Chennai is just a big pothole of problems - In reality, it is the best city to live in this country and I say that becuase, while Chennai has its problems, so does every other city in the Country. And the world. Apparently to you, Mumbai must be a traffic paradise and apprently nobody in Delhi does what you claim the Policemen in Chennai do regarding Hotel food. Try living in Bangalore, where you cant see films in any other language except Kannada. The L! and mafia exists in Chennai, no doubt - But then again, in which city does it not exist? You\'re fully ignorant if you think there are no Government controls for manufacturing Water. They do exist and they are implemented. Next time you buy Water in Chennai, look for the ISI (Indian Standards Institution, not the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency) mark. Or do you believe that we\'re drinking water manufactured by Pakistani Intelligence? I live in a beautiful residential area in Chennai and I dont see any Vendors. In commercial places, they\'re there - not in Residential Areas. Where do you live where City Roads are always clean? Working Hours 9 AM to 9 PM? Are you suggesting that every Chennai Worker has these hours? If so, you\'re mistaken (as usual). Child Labour is everywhere? Not everywhere - It exists, but again, I want you to show me an Indian Metro where every single child goes to school. City administration is invisible? Believe me, it exists and does a reasonable, ! if not decent job. Tamilians may have an Inferiority complex,! but let me remind you that not all Tamilians are what the DMK calls Dravidians. There are fair Tamilians and if you suggest that they are not Tamil, you would be insulting them. I for one, dont have the dark skin required to call myself Dravidian. Would this make me a foreigner? I was born in Tamilnadu, so were both my Parents. And their Parents. And their Parents. And so on. My mother tongue is Tamil. Dont insult me by saying that all Tamilians are dark skinned and wish to be fair. Once again, how Tamil People dress is none of you Business. Of all your silly criticisms, the one of Chennai hurts the most. It\'s misguided and misinformed. On a final note, while you criticise the Tamil Police repeatedly during the course of your essay, you end up praising them for their arrest of the Women Terrorists. You are a first-class Hypocrite. I dont have any problem with the basic gist of your argument - That there maybe external forces coming together to work against the Shankaracharya. But he\'s admitted his crime. Again, this will hold no bearing with you since you consider the Tamilnadu Police to be a bunch of Lawless drunkards, who only get your praise when they arrest Terrorists who happen to be Muslim. Anyhow, I dont like the DMK myself. I hate them, as a matter of fact. I dont particularly like Jayalalitha or the ADMK, but they are the lesser of two evils. And besides, why should you care if T R Baalu says he\'s ashamed to be a Hindu - He\'s no Hindu. He\'s a DMK MP and the DMK\'s central ideology is Atheism, though they never actually follow it. The\'re the perfect example of Pseudo-Secularists. They publically criticise Hinduism, while privately practising it. Anyway, get your facts right and if you want some advice, dont ever write a Blog out of partisan Passion for something. Have a balanced view and try and understand what your writing. I have learned that lesson through experience and so should you. ---------------------------------------------------------View Blog Post a comment yourself Sify Blogs HomeRegards,The Sify Blogs TeamDate: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 09:37:53 +0530 Printer Friendly Version From: blogsadmin@sify.com To: sifybharat@sify.com Subject: Comment posted for your blog entry Hello sifybharat,A comment has been posted to your blog !The Blog : KANCHI CONSPIRACY---------------------------------------------------------For the entry: KANCHI CONSPIRACY and Bushmen Munnetta Kazhakam and All India Bushmen Munnetta Kazhakam Comment posted by : Ravi There are some true and some false facts that appear in your blog. Just for the sake of a few leaders who have the money power, you simply cannot compromise on the honor and the way of life of a tamilian. If you need more teachings as to see on why a tamilain is so mail me. I am ravishankar2003@yahoo.com. By the way it\'s a very shabby story, it highlights the plight of your mind. I said it in a very neat manner. If you are an ed! ucated and a rational person, we can engage in a debate and share some ideas, remember I might be wrong, you might be wrong, it is only through sharing our ideas we become wiser. ---------------------------------------------------------View Blog Post a comment yourself Sify Blogs HomeRegards,The Sify Blogs Team

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