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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The true story of Christianity - it was created by Hindus and Pagan intellectuals for lower class

The true story of Christianity - it was created by Hindu and Pagan intellectuals for lower classJesus or even his disciples never existed as men of flesh and blood. There's scant evidence that there was a city called Nazareth during the first century, and no buildings have ever been unearthed at present-day Nazareth that can be conclusively dated to the first century. The Vatican was constructed upon the site of an ancient Pagan sanctuary. Christianity itself has as its foundations the Pagan spirituality that preceded it. The period of history in which Jesus Christ is said to have lived was one of the most well-documented and literate periods in the ancient world. Noted 36 writers from this time never mentioned Jesus Christ. The New Testament was a fiction written by humans. The roots of Christianity been disentangled after old gospels were discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945. The Jesus Mysteries authored by Freke and Gandy uncovers the mystery religions prevalent in the early centuries of the Christian era. They came up with startling fact that Christianity was created by Hindu and or Pagan intellectuals for manipulating the gullible lower class for financial profit. The Pagans looked upon such Christians as holding a foolishly and ignorantly literal belief in the religious myths that were intended by their Pagan originators to be taken as allegory for religious experiencing The story of Jesus is not the biography of an historical Messiah, but a myth based on perennial Hindu and or Pagan stories. Christianity was not a new and unique revelation but actually a Jewish adaptation of the ancient Hindu and or Pagan Mystery religions.There is a great deal of unsubstantiated nonsense written about the 'real' Jesus for centuries. For 2,000 years the West has been dominated by the idea that Christianity is sacred and unique, whilst Hinduism and Paganism are primitive and the work of the Devil. The tales told about the Hindu Gods and God men of the Pagan Mysteries are essentially the same, although they take different forms. At one time Vedic culture was prevailing throughout the world. From Hindu mythology interesting features, have been mixed together by the formulators of the Christian philosophy to yield the mythical Christian idol, Jesus Christ. Christianity was created by Hindu and or Pagan intellectuals for manipulating the gullible lower class for financial profit. Jesus Christ is nothing more than a story created by combinations of the life-stories of two of the greatest Hindu Gods ever to have lived.• As per Hindu Puranas, Shri Karnan is said to have been the son of a virgin mother, Kunti.• The newly created Jesus Christ is said to have been the son of a virgin mother, Mary.• Shri Karnan is said to have been the son of God (in the form of Suryadev).• Jesus Christ is said to have been the son of God ("the Father"). • Shri Karnan's "father", the charioteer of King Dhritarashtra, was actually no more than his adopted father.• Jesus's "father", Mary's husband, the carpenter, (Note: Christianity was made for the working class so a carpenter was selected as the adopted father) was actually no more than his adopted father. • Little, if anything, is known of Shri Karan's life between his childhood and his adulthood. • Little, if anything, is known of Jesus's life between his childhood and his adulthood. Also from Hindu Puranas the following details were adopted for the Jesus Christ myth.• Shri Krishna's birth and subsequent rule as "King" (taking over from the existing King, Kamsa) is said to have been foretold by a divine announcement.• Jesus Christ's birth and subsequent rule as "King" (taking over from the existing King, Herod) is said to have been foretold by a divine announcement. • Kamsa found out and thus tried to protect himself by killing lots of babies.• Herod found out and thus tried to protect himself by killing lots of babies. • Kamsa didn't manage to get the right baby because Krishna was taken away by the river to Dwarka.• Herod didn't manage to get the right baby because Jesus was taken away by the sea to Nazareth. • A great deal of confusion surrounds Krishna's life between his childhood and his adulthood. • A great deal of confusion surrounds Jesus's life between his childhood and his adulthood. • Shri Krishna's "father" (the person who brought him up) was actually his adopted father.• Jesus's father (the person who brought him up) was actually his adopted father. Similarly the Pagan mythologies of Osiris-Dionysus, had all the characteristics of that the story of Jesus. 1. Osiris-Dionysus is God made flesh, the saviour and 'Son of God'. 2. His father is God and his mother is a mortal virgin. 3. He is born in a cave or humble cowshed on 25 December before three shepherds. 4. He offers his followers the chance to be born again through the rites to baptism. 5. He miraculously turns water into wine at a marriage ceremony. 6. He rides triumphantly into town on a donkey while people wave palm leaves to honour him. 7. He dies at Easter time as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. 8. After his death he descends to hell, and then on the third day he rises from the dead and ascends to heaven in glory. 9. His followers await his return as the judge during the Last Days. His death and resurrection are celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine which symbolize his body and blood. These are just some of the motifs shared between the tales of Osiris-Dionysus and the 'biography' of Jesus. These remarkable similarities not common knowledge because the early Roman Church did everything in its power to prevent the future generations perceiving them. It systematically destroyed Hindu and Pagan sacred literature in a brutal programme of eradicating the Mysteries -- a task it performed so completely that today Paganism is regarded as a 'dead' religion. Christians tried to rewrite the Vedas in a demeaning manner by employing a Christian by name Max Mueller on salary basis the details of which is given at the end of the articleTo the writers of the first few centuries CE these similarities between the new Christian religion and the ancient Mysteries were extremely obvious. Pagan critics of Christianity, such as the satirist Celsus, complained that this recent religion was nothing more than a pale reflection of their own ancient teachings. Early 'Church fathers,' such as Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and Irenaeus, were understandably disturbed and resorted to the desperate claim that these similarities were the result of 'diabolical mimicry. The early Christian community was actually made up of a whole spectrum of different groups. These can be broadly categorized into two different schools. On the one hand there were those we will call 'Literalists', because what defines them is that they take the Jesus story as a literal account of historical events. It was this school of Christianity that was adopted by the Roman Empire in the fourth century CE, becoming Roman Catholicism and all its subsequent offshoots. On the other hand, however, there were also radically different Christians known as 'Gnostics.' (From the Greek word gnosis, meaning knowledge). "These forgotten Christians were later persecuted out of existence by the Literalist Roman Church with such thoroughness that many fled the country. One such group of refugees came to Kerala in the fourth century as per historical records. Only a handful of original Gnostic texts survived, none of which were published before the nineteenth century. This situation changed dramatically, however, with a remarkable discovery in 1945 when an Arab peasant stumbled upon a whole library of Gnostic gospels hidden in a cave near Nag Hammadi in Egypt. This gave scholars access to many texts which were in wide circulation amongst early Christians, but which were deliberately excluded from the canon of the New Testament -- gospels attributed to Thomas and Philip, texts recording the acts of Peter and the 12 disciples, apocalypses attributed to Paul and James, and so on. The public had been deliberately deceived, that the Gnostics were indeed the original Christians, and that their anarchic mysticism had been hijacked by an authoritarian institution which had created from it a dogmatic religion - and then brutally enforced the greatest cover-up in history. One of the major players in this cover-up operation was a character called Eusebius, who, at the beginning of the fourth century, compiled from legends, fabrications and his own imagination the only early history of Christianity that still exists today. All subsequent histories have been forced to base themselves on Eusebins' dubious claims, because there has been little other information to draw on. All those with a different perspective on Christianity were branded as heretics and eradicated. In this way falsehoods compiled in the fourth century have come down to us as established facts. Eusebius was employed by the Roman Emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the state religion of the Empire and gave Literalist Christianity the power it needed to begin the final eradication of Paganism and Gnosticism. Constantine wanted 'one God, one religion' to consolidate his claim of 'one Empire, one Emperor.' He oversaw the creation of the Nicene creed -- the article of faith repeated in churches to this day -- and christians who refused to assent to this creed were banished from the Empire or otherwise silenced. This 'Christian' Emperor then returned home from Nicaea and had his wife suffocated and his son murdered. He deliberately remained unbaptized until his deathbed so that he could continue his atrocities and still receive forgiveness of sins and a guaranteed place in heaven by being baptized at the last moment. Although he had his 'spin doctor' Eusebius compose a suitably obsequious biography for him, he was actually a monster -- just like many Roman Emperors before him. The 'history' of the origins of Christianity created by an employee in the service of a Roman tyrant thus was a pack of lies. It is the winners who write history in their own way. The creation of an appropriate history has always been part of the arsenal of political manipulation. Thus the traditional accounts of the origins of Christianity first defined the terms and named themselves as "orthodox" and their opponents as "heretics". Then they proceeded to demonstrate that their triumph was historically inevitable, or, in religious terms, "guided by the Holy Spirit. But the discoveries of the Gnostic gospels at Nag Hammadi reopened the fundamental questions. The Roman Church created a history of the triumph of Literalist Christianity in much the same partisan way that, two millennia later, Hollywood created tales of 'cowboys and Indians' to relate 'how the West was won' not 'how the West was lost.' The Catholic Roman church rewrote gospels, invented gospels and letters, and adopted what we now call the "New Testament". Church history was once again fabricated to fit then-current church doctrine. During the Middle Ages one of the interesting relics which were popular among Christians was the Foreskin of Jesus. Eventually there were about of dozen of Jesus' foreskins distributed around Europe, with different churches fighting over who had the genuine article. This is the level to which the Christianity was trying to prove the physical existence of Jesus.The Christian church during British occupation of India, tried to re-write Hindu scriptures and ancient Indian History. British government in 1847 employed one Max Mueller on salary basis for this job. He was asked to translate the Vedas sacred to the Hindus in the most demeaning way so that Hindus will loose faith in their own scriptures. This effort by Christians can be seen in the present generation of secularists who were fed with false theories of Aryan invasions, caste systems and the like. Not only that some seven Max Mueller Bhavans was built in India to cheat the public with this false translations created by the paid employee of the Christians during the British period. This nefarious background is revealed after going through the British documents in London. In a letter to Chevalier Bunsen, Max Mueller writes, “India is much riper for Christianity than Rome or Greece were at the time of St. Paul” and “I should like to live for ten years quietly, learn the language, try to make friends, and then see whether I was fit to take part in a work, by means of which the old mischief of Indian priest craft can be overthrown and the way opened for the entrance of simple Christian teaching.” Max Mueller fulfills his contract to the British when he writes, “No one would have supposed that at so early a period, and in so primitive a state of society, there could have risen a literature (the Vedas) which for pedantry and downright absurdity can hardly be matched anywhere… These works (the Vedas) deserve to be studied as the physician studies the twaddles of idiots, and the ravings of madmen.”But for the secularists who were educated by the English medium Christian schools Max Mueller is a great guy. This enormous deception by the Christians is brought out in stunning detail in a book “The True History and the Religion of India”, by Shree Swami Prakashanand Saraswati. http://www.geocities.com/bharatian2001/christianity.html http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/religion/story/pagels.htmlhttp://archives.cnn.com/2000/books/news/09/21/jesus.mysteries/index.html http://www.egodeath.com/index.html http://www.egodeath.com/jesusmysterieschapsumm.htm#credits http://www.newthought-apps.net/0intro/adv_table_ms.htmlhttp://www.rotten.com/library/conspiracy/ http://www.rotten.com/library/religion/church-of-christ-scientist/ http://www.adishakti.org/_/christ_and_the_kundalini.htmhttp://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/naghammadi.htm http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhl.htmlhttp://www.adishakti.org/http://www.al-qiyamah.org/http://www.rotten.com/library/religion/gnosticism/ http://www.truthbeknown.com/introduction.htm http://www.jesusmysteries.demon.co.uk/home.htmlhttp://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/060960581X/o/qid=972878357/sr=2http://www.jesusmysteries.demon.co.uk/links.htmlhttp://www.jesusmysteries.demon.co.uk/ http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0609607677/002-8061231-6284821 www.thevedicfoundation.org www.authentichinduism.org http://www.geomancy.org/webworking/bibliography/bibliography1.html#Freke www.jesusmysteries.demon.co.ukhttp://www.elca.org/ea/And many more….

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