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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Subramaniam Swamy on sacrifice Vol 2

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President and former Union Law Minister on March 24,2006 Now that the fake sacrifice drama--II of Ms. Sonia Gandhi is over [it is fake since Ms. Gandhi would have had to resign her MP seat anyway and hence it is no sacrifice], it is time to realize that Ms. Gandhi cannot contest any Parliament election until she resigns from the Chairpersonship of five more offices of profit including that of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Ms. Gandhi's lack of sincere commitment to her Congress Party is also obvious since by resigning she has made it morally obligatory for the 35 plus Congress MPs also similiarly subject to disqualification from Parliament membership, to resign or alternatively make out that Ms. Gandhi has no party support. Ms. Gandhi as President of the Congress Party ought to have consulted the CWC, instead of her novice children, before rushing to the press. Ms. Sonia Gandhi has a history of panic reactions in face of challenges to her. In March 1977, after the Janata Party was voted to power, Ms. Gandhi took her two then young children and rushed to the Italian Embassy to hide, thus abandoning her mother-in-law, the defeated Mrs.Indira Gandhi. Thereafter Prime Minister Morarji Desai had to intervene to pacify a distraught Indira and re-unite the family. In April 1999, after the NDA government was toppled by one vote in the Lok Sabha , Ms. Sonia Gandhi rushed to the President of India to stake a claim without a mandate from the coalition of parties that had brought the NDA down, and blandly declared that 272 MPs of the Lok Sabha supported her. She was apprehensive that someone else may become PM. The media-managed sacrifice-I of declining the PM's post in May 2004 was also a panic reaction after it became clear that she suffered a disqualification under the Citizenship Act.It is better therefore Ms. Gandhi quits politics altogether now. A leader given to a fit of panic reactions is unfit to lead.

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