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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Government Persecution Against Iskcon in Kazakhstan

Here is another example of how in Kali-yuga the governments does not allow the Vedic process freedom to continue without persecution, and that to continue working to preserve and protect it, what to speak of expanding it in some countries, becomes increasingly difficult. Da: Silk Road Foundation < director@palaceofthesoul.com>Data: 18 aprile 2006 3:33:05 CETA: Sri Lalita dasi dasi < srilalita@libero.it>Oggetto: Kazakhstan - Palace of the Soul UpdateDear Friends, Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada. In 1999 the devotees in Kazkhstan purchased a beautiful farm outside of the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Since that time substantial strides have been made in creating an agricultural community, a home for many vaisnavas, and the venue for a wonderful summer yearly festival attended by devotees from Central Asia and Russia. Since October 2004 there have been many attempts from the government of Kazakhstan to push us from this property. This has been done by smear campaigns in the media and ongoing litigation in the courts.On March 29, 2006 a case was conducted in the Almaty Oblast Court. Prior to issuing the ruling the judge declared that the legal arguments of the government land agency had no substance and that the arguments presented by the advocates representing our society were correct and in accordance to the Kazakhstan legal code. But after private discussion in their chambers the judges emerged and issued a ruling againstour society in which it is stated that the land be confiscated and returned to the government. This ruling was illegal and not based on legislation of the government of Kazakhstan. We purchased the land at the market value in 1999. In 2004 we privatised the land according to the laws of Kazakhstan in. Since this time the value of this land has increased dramatically. The situation we have is that the powerful government land barons want to eliminate us by any illegal process that they may possess the land, again sell, and make astronomical profit. We have neither time nor options left. Our last option is the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, but need-less-to-say, the legal system does not work in this country. It is either a matter of paying for the decision or having a powerful person order the decision. Thus we are requesting devotees throughout the world to assist us in different ways:First, we are requesting you to send this letter to all the contacts you have.Second, we are requesting you to print the following letter and send to the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan requesting him to intervene in this case. Third, we are requesting you to contact the heads of religious organisations, as well as the foreign ministries in your countries, and register an appeal that they will voice concern to the government of Kazakhstan. And at last, we are humbly requesting that you will all pray that this situation may be reversed and our farm, Sri Vrindavan Dham, will not be stolen by the government of Kazakhstan.The President of Kazakhstan has gained international respect for having hosted an international religious forum in 2003. Yet, despite the talks of religious equality and openness, he is allowing a religious society to be illegally evicted from their legally acquired property. It is an injustice performed in the name of religious equality. With affectionate regards,BB Govinda SwamiStreet addresses: Government:To the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Nazarbayev N.A.Government palace, Levoberezhye,Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan.President Residence:To the President of the Republic of KazakhstanMr. Nazarbayev N.A. Akorda, Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan.President?s e-mail: sitePRK@global.kzDear President Nazarbayev,It is with deep regret that we have been informed of the legal situation regarding the attempted confiscation of the land possessed by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The properties of the society have been legally purchased and privatised according to the land codes of Kazakhstan. Yet, since 2004 there has been ongoing litigation in an attempt by government officials to steal the land legally owned by the society. On March 29, 2006 a hearing was conducted in the Almaty Oblast Court. The judge in charge of the case explained that he had carefully studied the case and that there was no substance in the arguments of the Government Land Committee. Yet, when the decision was read it was ruled that the land of the Krishna Society be returned to the land reserve of Kazakhstan. The decision was illegal, not based upon the legislation of your nation, but enacted due to pressure from some powerful individual. Mr. President, you want that your fine country come into the rank of the leading nations of the world. You have shown your open mindedness by conducting your International Religious Forum in 2003. Yet in this case we have a glaring example of a religious society being destroyed by greedy and self motivated officers of your government. Sir, we are respectfully appealing to you to intervene in this case. Please stop the abuse and destruction of the one element of Indian religion which is active in your nation. Please allow these people to live peacefully on their property in accordance to the vision of religious equality that you have presented for the nation of Kazakhstan. Sincerely,-- ys.advaita.a.d. visit gitanagari.com

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