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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hinduism Today Magazine Launches Free Digital Edition

1. Hinduism Today Magazine Launches Free Digital Edition_www.hinduismtoday.com_ (http://www.hinduismtoday.com/digital/) KAUAI, HAWAII, April 1, 2006: Hinduism Today magazine is pleased to announce the launching of its free digital edition. The entire April/May/June, 2006, issue is available in full-color PDF format via a free subscription. Click on "source," follow the directions and download a simple interface program to manage your subscription.You'll be able to download to your computer and view in Acrobat program the digital duplicate of the color print edition, but with added "rich media" features. That means if you click any web address URL in the magazine, your browser will launch and take you right there. Then there are the really cool features. On page 10, you can click the "play" button and hear Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami read his Publisher's Desk piece, "The World is an Ashram." On page 23, you can click and watch a movie on Delhi's new Akshardham temple. This issues's Insight section is detailed instructions on a home puja to Lord Ganesha. With rich media, we're able to make available via page I-5 an authoritative recitation of the Sanskrit chanting for the entire puja. And, of course, you get the spectacular photographs and graphics that have always made Hinduism Today one of the best religious magazines in the world. As with the print edition, our idea is to uplift and inform Hindus around the world. The digital edition will reach those unable to subscribe to the print edition. If you want to help, you can share this link with all who would be interested in receiving Hinduism's only global spiritual magazine. We especially hope to engage the computer-savvy youth in this way. So, spread the word.

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