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Thursday, April 20, 2006


More Evidence that Jesus never existed...

Janina Gomes, in her 'Central Mystery of the Christian Faith' (Speaking Tree – 31st July 2004), fails to unravel the greatest Christian mystery of all: the myth of 'Jesus Christ' himself! For, as it now appears from contemporaneous sources, no single person known by that name ever existed!
'Jesus' is the Greek rendering of the Hebrew 'Yehoshua' (literally, 'Jehovah Delivers'), while 'Christ' is the more recent form of the Hellenic 'Christos', mistakenly given by early Greek translators of the Aramaic Testaments to the Jewish expectation of 'messiah' or 'saviour'.
The crucifixion and resurrection that form the very basis of the faith are fraught with inconsistency and controversy. It seems there were several people strutting around in Palestine at that time claiming to be 'messiahs'.
Barabbas, who was apparently tried along with 'Jesus Christ' but acquitted in deference to the wishes of the Jews, also enjoyed the prefix 'Jesus' according to an older version of the gospel of Matthew. In Hebrew, 'Bar' means 'son of' and 'abba' means 'father' or, in a wider sense, 'God'. So, there were two people with the same claim! Is Ms. Gomes sure who was released and who was crucified? The Quran states at 4:157 that 'Jesus' was never crucified! 'Resurrection', according to Gnostic writings (now bolstered by the long-suppressed Dead Sea Scrolls) was strictly meant symbolically, NOT literally.
We need to urgently reconcile ourselves to the truth that the record was doctored and suppressed – some even invented - to suit Pauline 'Christianity'. Otherwise, like Ms. Gomes in her otherwise convoluted piece, one would be forced to engage in verbal calisthenics to fit inconvenient fact to untenable doctrine!
Indeed, wasn't it Pope Leo X (1513-21 C.E.) who is reputed to have remarked, "It has served us well, this myth of Christ"!

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