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Thursday, April 20, 2006


New Website that Explores the Truth (or Untruth) of Christianitiy

Dear Friends,Check out this new website - www.burningcross.net - it is a brief, butvery serious look at our western world history, with original andcollected articles supporting the premise that "Christianity and Jesus",is an elaborate construct (like the Gnostic Church of 2 - 400CE assertedwas an allegory), which has borrowed very obviously and heavily fromprevious stories/tales, philosophies and personalities familiar to orwell known amongts the people of their day, but got well out of hand,and became irreversible when it assumed the mantle of an officialreligion under the Romans' patronage and sponsorship. Worldy ego isviolent in response to a threat to its' own existance. I am not at allsurprised if that same reaction is generated by these revelations.I know for some this may provoke some very deep reactions, as it doesnot leave a question mark, and fully inculcating this thesis haspermanent ramifications for the theist, agnostic and atheist alike.Irrespective of faith, the issue of "the truth of history" underpins ourcollective learnings and imaginings more heavily than we can imagine.What we now hold to be true started as a lie; and what we now considerto be myth (lie) is truth itself. The "dumbing down" of religiousthought has been an ever expanding work which continues to this day, yetthe high thinkers remain aloof from their contrivances and see them forwhat they are - bold, calculative lies! Who is the real devil?You will find much to think about at _www.burningcross.net_ (http://www.burningcross.net) .

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