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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Your Invitation to the Vedic Friends Association Conference in August

VFA Conference--August, 2006Dear Friends, Namaste! We are very happy to invite you to the 3nd VFA (Vedic Friends Association) conference scheduled for the weekend of August 26, 27. This will be open to everyone. What we are proposing is a series of lectures by noted personalities and discussions on various Vedic topics, whether they may be various practices that we can incorporate into our lives to reach our highest potential, or issues that affect the global Vedic community. The authors and presenters will also display their books for sale and everyone else can also network and present any information on projects in which they are involved. Please let us know what topics you may be interested in discussing so we can add it to our schedule of topics, since we are forming the agenda right now. We are open to suggestions. These topics and the presentations will be more clearly announced as we move closer to the date of the conference. The conference will also have two days of closed sessions for VFA Board members and special guests on the 28 and 29 to discuss the accomplishments of the VFA over the past year and future projects and our direction for the next year in the VFA. The conference will be held at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, the ashram and teaching center of Pujya Swami Dayananda Sarasvati, one of the foremost Hindu thinkers and teachers today, who will be hosting the event and participating in the programs. Swamiji has always graciously showed special interest in our activities. The location is in Saylorsburg, PA, which is a drivable distance from New York City or Philadelphia, in a beautiful and quiet forest setting. More information about the ashram and directions can be found at their website:(_http://www.arshavidya.org_ (http://www.arshavidya.org/) ) . The conference is sponsored by Swami Dayananda Saraswati and all accomodations and vegetarian food is provided free of charge. Of course, donations for the support of the ashrama are gladly accepted. We welcome your participation and would be very grateful if you could arrange to attend this important event. We think that the program will be of great interest to you and that your contribution will go very far to aid in making it a resounding success. You are welcome to bring your own ideas and suggestions into the forum. If you can attend, please make a note of it on your schedule and let us know so that we can begin making arrangements. We need this information now so we can develop our plans accordingly. Thank you for your kind consideration in our efforts to work for the dharma together. Hari Om and Hari bol, Stephen Knapp

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