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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Mafiosi Antonia Maino / Sonia introduces Minority Democracy

India today is not governed from either South Block or North Block; it is ruled from 10, Janpath by an Italian Christian Antonia Maino, an uneducated barmaid working in UK, who trapped an impressionable Indian to enter India. She assumed the name Sonia Gandhi and even voted before she became an Indian citizen. She dismissed Governors and replaced them with minority thugs and these muslim and christian governors are taking this nation to the type of Pakistani democracy.
It was a former Supreme Court judge and Tamil Nadu Governor Fathima Beevi who had sworn in the first convict in free India as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Now another muslim Governor Syed Sibtey Razi has sworn in a four time murderer Shibu Soren as Jharkhand Chief Minister. Shibu Soren does not have majority support in Jharkhand. Immediately he was seen in the company of Christian bishops in Ranchi.
It was a muslim president who signed on the dotted lines for the declaration of emergency by Indira Gandhi. Indira was also converted to Islam as per records to marry a muslim and her actions were typically the Paki type democracy. The christian Governor of Goa, S. C. Jamir recently dismissed the Manohar Parrikar government of Goa and sworn in a minority government led by Congress. Eventually president's rule had to be imposed as they could not prove majority.
National Security Advisor M K Narayanan summoned the chief of the Intelligence Bureau, E S L Narasimhan, and expressed his displeasure that the country's top intelligence outfit could not locate five independent legislators of Jharkhand which was the way the mafiosi sonia was gathering support for Sibu Soren. The Jharkand police have been used to prevent the movement of the five independent legislators so that they do not reach Delhi. This misuse of state machinery for crass political purposes is the trade mark of Italian Mafia. The Italian Mafiosi, the Christian Antonia Maino assumed the control of the congress party of India by throwing out its earlier secretary by her thugs in Delhi.
BJP-JD-U alliance has won the largest number of seats in the February assembly election in Jharkhand. With 36 seats, this alliance is ahead of the JMM-Congress alliance whose tally stands at 26. The BJP-JD-U alliance presented five Independent MLAs before Syed Sibtey Razi while staking their claim to form the next government with a majority of 41 MLAs. Yet, Syed Sibtey Razi had installed the JMM-Congress alliance in office, anointing Shibu Soren as chief minister. He has then gone on to justify his contemptuous disregard for established norms and practices by telling a blatant lie: that he is convinced the JMM-Congress had the majority and his decision is to bring in stability to the state. Even the supreme court intervention was not sucessful to control this mafiosi, and no floor test was conduted on 11 th March as directed by the Court. This action even lowered the dignity of the court, the Parliament and our democratic system. The uneducated housemaid cum barmaid christian Antonia Maino with the usurped name Sonia Gandhi is a tragedy on India. Her entry in to India was an international plot to destabilize India. In the next level we are going to have another prostitute from Columbia, who was seen sleeping with Rahul in Kerala, as our future Congress President. The christian community in India who asked and worked for votes on the basis of religion is the most communalist group in India and is planning to dismember our nation. All the christian MPs this week met with the christian terrorists who are blasting and killing innocents in North East, to give support for their anti national activities. Our nation is being taken to the cleaners by the christian and muslim terrorists living in India. The congress leadership is now in the hands of christians of Italy and India. Every christian in the government service is a threat to our nation as they network to sabotage the system, like the Mathew who was in the Home ministry and who leaked secrets to Tehelka. CBI found Mathew of leaking government secrets. and yet Antonia Maino had reinstated him. The muslim thugs who are put in top positions like governors will execute all the directions of this hidden hand of the Italian Mafiosi Antonia Maino. It is time we Indians realized the danger of minority democracy in India.

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