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Saturday, June 10, 2006


An Appeal to NEPAL

It is a tragedy beyond words that on May 18, 2006, Nepal Adhirajya, the only
Hindu country in the world and occupying a special place in the billion
strong Hindu community’s heart across the globe, has been divested of its Hindu
identity, and has been declared as a secular country under pressure from
Maoists and missionaries.
It is deplorable that Nepal, the land of glorious history of thousands of
years; the land of warriors, sages, temples and Vedic heritage; the land of
Gopalas, Mahishpals, Kirats, Lichhavis, Mallas and Shahs; the land of Yalambar,
Lumbini and Gautam Budha, Manadeva, Amsuverma, Jayasthiti Malla, and Prithvi
Narayan Shah; and the only Hindu country in the world is being grabbed by
Maoists and missionaries in the name of democracy.
On May 18, 2006 after a decade long Maoist violence which began in 1996, the
interim government led by G. P. Koirala divested Nepal of it being a Hindu
country, and proclaimed it to be a secular state. Besides, simultaneously, ‘
His Majesty’s Government’ was replaced with ‘Nepal Government’ and Royal
Nepal Army (which was fighting the Maoists) was named Nepalese Army. To complete
Nepal’s break with its distinguished past, monarch was divested of all the
executive powers including that of being the supreme commander of the army. In
the process, the basic identity and history of Nepal have been sought to be
And there was no word of protest against the Maoists for the death and
destruction brought by them.
Anti Hindu conspirators, Maoists, missionaries and ISI operators could not
have asked for more. In the background of Pope’s 1999 address at New Delhi
asking for evangelization of Asia, missionaries see in demolition of Hindu
kingdom of Nepal better opportunities for Christianizing the Hindu nation of Nepal.
Though there are scores of Christian and Muslim countries in the world, and
though there is a billion strong Hindu community across the globe, Nepal with
a population of 24 millions was the only Hindu country in the world.
Maoist-takeover of Nepal
For Nepal as also for India, Maoists are the problem, and not the solution.
It is all the more deplorable that Nepal which could never be subjugated in
the past is being grabbed by the Maoists under the subterfuge of democracy.
As per Mao Tse Tung (1893-1976), “power flows through the barrel of a gun”;
and as his faithful followers, Maoists use violence to achieve political
power. And Maoists never admire democracy.
Nepal travelled from absolute to constitutional monarchy in 1990. However,
in February 1996, ‘Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist’ launched its violent
movement to substitute constitutional monarchy with communist regime. Starting in
1996, Maoist violence has claimed thousands of lives in Nepal.
Throughout their regime till 2005, multi-party democracy and political
parties could not tackle Maoist threat. Accordingly, to quell insurgency and to
save Nepal from disaster, in February 2005, king Gyanendra took over the
government for three years.
History teaches that democratic niceties cannot tackle insurgencies. A
similar Maoist rebellion known as ‘Shining Path’ (Sendero Luminoso in Spanish)
tormented Peru for decades before it was crushed in 1990s by Peruvian President
Alberto Fujimori who suspended legislature and judiciary, and used army and
dictatorial powers to crush terrorism.
After pro-democracy demonstrations, King Gyanendra restored Parliament and
invited the Seven-Party Alliance to form the government. Nepali Congress
leader G.P. Koirala was installed as the Prime Minister of Nepal.
Forgetting that many of their party members were killed by the same Maoists
prior to royal takeover in 2005; and mortally scared of Maoists, Seven Party
Alliance is implementing Maoist agenda which will facilitate Maoist takeover
of Nepal, and make all non-Maoists irrelevant very soon. For political
parties, the only way to defeat the Maoists would have been to support the king.
A unique native institution
Nepal is the only surviving native Hindu government on earth. Therefore, as
a venerable symbol of aspirations of global Hindu community, Nepal’s Hindu
identity must be protected and preserved by the Hindu world.
Anti-Hindu forces want to destroy Nepal, the world’s sole surviving Hindu
kingdom, the way all other native religions and governments in other parts of
the world have been already destroyed. Those celebrating the fall of Nepal as
a Hindu nation should reflect on loss of millions of lives in Russia, China,
North Korea, Laos, Cambodia and many other countries where communists came
into power.
Though anti-Hindus, Maoists and missionaries will celebrate demolition of
the world’s only Hindu country, it is a grim tragedy for Hindus all over the
world. Considering Nepal’s history and heritage, only the constitutional
monarchy and a Hindu Nepal will be able to save Nepal from Maoists and missionaries.
Issues at stake
Events in Nepal concern every Hindu in Nepal, in India and every where else.
The issue in Nepal is not of monarchy versus democracy as has been wrongly
projected by some sections in media. The issue is that of having a friendly
Hindu nation versus a communist dictatorship in India’s neighbourhood. The
issue is that of native Hindu governance versus a totalitarian communist regime
like China, Vietnam or North Korea.
The issue is of preservation of Hindu culture and heritage in Nepal, in
India and in rest of the world.
Demolition of the only Hindu country in the world will be disastrous for
Hindus, and will lead to gradual destruction of Hindu heritage all over the
world. Why cannot even a single Hindu country exist when there are scores of
Muslim and Christian countries in the world?
Way out
By leaving Nepal to its fate, India has facilitated Maoist takeover of
Nepal. And Maoist takeover of Nepal will be detrimental to India since it will
sharpen Maoists’ war on India. Already, Maoists in India are targetting Indian
state and challenging Indian sovereignty over large parts of India.
Nothing is wrong with Nepal’s Constitution of 1990, and with constitutional
monarchy. Rather, constitutional monarchy is the only device which will save
Nepal from Maoists and also enable it to retain its unique feature of being
the Hindu nation. Since the king has already restored parliament and
multi-party democracy, political parties have to ensure that Maoists do not grab
Nepal. And political parties can ensure that only if they support the institution
of constitutional monarchy; and do nothing to hand over power to Maoists.
Since past cannot be recalled and relived, and mistakes of the past cannot
be undone, the least that the Indian government can do now to redeem the
situation in Nepal is to help the anti-Mao forces in Nepal to crush Maoist
violence and prevent Maoist takeover of Nepal.
Since Nepal has nurtured and upheld Hindu heritage and traditions for so
many centuries, it deserves the help of global Hindu community in its fight
against anti-Hindu forces.
If Nepal is allowed to be grabbed by Maoists and missionaries, India too
will be grabbed by Maoists, missionaries and Pak-Bangla combine. Since
government in India is passively watching the gradual demolition of Hindu nation of
Nepal, organizations and individuals who understand Hindu anguish must do their
best to preserve Nepal as a Hindu country.
It is now or never for Hindus all over the world.

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