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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


'Radha Astami' celebrated with religious fervour

Mathura (UP), Sep 1: Thousands of devotees paid obeisance at temples in Barsana, Vrindaban and Rawal as the "Radha Astami" was celebrated with religious fervour today.No untoward incident has been reported from any place, Additional District Magistrate Rajeev Rautela said.The maximum rush was in Barsana since last evening where "Abhishek" (bathing ceremony) of principal deity of Sri Ji temple were held amidst vedic hymns.A processon, mainly comprising women carrying baskets full of dry fruits, clothes, sweets and fruits, passed through the main streets of Barsana before culminating at Sri Ji temple where all the articles were offered to the deity.In Rawal, where Radha was born according to legends, the bathing ceremony of principal deity was performed with mixture of curd, milk, honey and ghee in the wee hours of the day.Radha Astami was celebrated in all the major temples of Vrindaban, though the main attraction was the Radha Ballabh Mandir. "Raas Lila" was staged in Bankey Behari temple in the afternoon.

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